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UK Capital Investments Group : 7 Reasons to Use Wood When Building a House


1. Wooden homes are environmentally friendly.

If you are looking to build a sustainable house, then a natural material such as hardwood is definitely your best option. Timber is the world's best environmentally friendly material, and that means that the air miles on your home will be immediately offset by the materials that you have chosen to use. For a guilt-free choice, a wooden home is really your only option.

2. Wood homes are cost-effective.

When DIY is constructing your home, you want to make sure that you are doing it within budget. Purchasing timber wholesale in large quantities can massively reduce the price of it, making it much cheaper than any other material. You will also find, in the unlikely event that you need to make repairs, that the price will always be lower because you used a better priced material.

3. Wooden homes will save on heating.

Normal building materials, such as concrete and metals, as well as bricks and stone, will expand and contract depending on the heat and humidity. This constant changing means that cracks can appear in these homes, making heating bills higher as your system tries to heat your home and the outdoors. But wood doesn't change - it never expands or contracts, keeping your house both water-tight and toasty warm.

4. Wood homes mean hearing less of the neighbours.

If you are tired of listening to the arguments of the people next door when you are at home, a well insulated wooden house may be the change in lifestyle that you have been looking for. Wood is a natural sound absorber, which means it does not allow sound to travel through it. Say goodbye to listening to someone else's television, and hello to relaxing quiet evenings in. It also means that your neighbours will never hear you!

5. Wooden homes are incredibly strong.

Timber is amazingly strong, which means that it is the perfect building material for a home. Even plywood is stronger than most people think! When tested against steel, spruce wood came out as three times stronger than steel. The long time that a tree has had to grow imbibes it with nature's raw strength, and we can harness that to build our homes.

6. Wooden homes are relatively safe.

Wooden houses are brilliant because wood does not conduct electricity, preventing sharp shocks from any inquisitive fingers! Safety is a priority when it comes to building your home out of wood.

7. Wooden homes are beautiful.

No one can deny that wood is dramatic and elegant - and a wooden home encompasses both of those characteristics, whilst drawing power and majesty as well. A wooden home is a gift to your family that they will treasure all of their lives. With all of these reasons to build a home out of wood, what is stopping you?

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