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Virtual Office sees a Learning and Development Enhancement


There is no doubt that time spent in our own environment often gets us thinking about the possibility of escaping from a cubicle and venturing out on our own. The lure of not having to commute, or to sit at a cramped desk surrounded by people we might not always choose to spend the day with, is a strong one.

If you are considering becoming part of the current swell in popularity of entrepreneurship your first step should be to consider the wide range of small business ideas which are available. Once you decide which route to take you may be concerned that it will involve leasing an expensive business premises. However what many people find, at least initially, is that a virtual office is a better choice. A virtual office provides you with the professional veneer of a business address and telephone number, while allowing you to make substantial cost savings on overheads and giving you the freedom to grow creatively in your own space.

Learning Curve

In the early stages of a business there will be a steep learning curve as you get up to speed with all the elements of business life. If you choose the virtual office route you aren’t under pressure every month to pay large rental sums for a business property. This gives you more financial freedom; enough time to devote to your individual growth; and the capability to invest in training if there are areas where you need assistance.

Time Saving

We have already mentioned that by working from home you don’t need to devote time every day to a commute. In addition, not having to commute also lowers your stress levels and your daily financial outlay. However you previously got to work, unless you walked or cycled, it would have entailed expenses for either running your car or for public transport. Less travel time also means less stress and this can free up your mind to better focus on the running of your business.

Your Own Environment

There is much to be said for working in your own environment when you are learning something new. First, and this isn’t something which is discussed much, it gives you the freedom to fail. Early in your business you will need to spread the word about what you offer and you will pick up the phone and start making sales calls. Maybe the first one or two you make won’t be that good, but at least you don’t have a whole office of colleagues listening in. A virtual office provides space to grow and to develop your confidence on your own terms.

Second, your own environment usually spurs you on to be more creative. You are surrounded by books, magazines and items which mean a lot to you and which may well form a background as to why you wanted to build a business. Use these as a springboard for developing the skills you need and spend time developing a mindset which is focused on success. Once you step away from corporate life it is unlikely you will want to return and thus you need to be resilient to get you through any difficult times.

Increased Flexibility

Finally, a further benefit of working from a virtual office means you aren’t tied to one place. The majority of your day will probably be spent at home but there is nothing stopping you working from a coffee shop, in the park or even from a co-working space, when you need company or to network. Whereas a desk in an office is static, seeing the world against a range of different backdrops, and in the company of new people, can foster creativity and help your business to grow. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this new found flexibility and to get out and about as often as possible. After all your virtual office is wherever you are.

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