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What does your desk say about you?


You might think of it as a place to work, but what message is your desk space sending to those around you? Jamie-Natalie Cross reveals the secrets lurking in your office.

Are you the type of person whose desk is so organised that you could find anything you needed at the drop of a hat? Are you someone who’s always losing things? Or are you the individual whose desk is a shrine to your life’s achievements? Feng-shui experts reckon the state of your desk can reveal a lot about the kind of individual you are, so we've categorised some of the most common types. What kind of desk do you keep?

The collector (trophy desk)
This work area can be messy as it is covered in things that represent what the owner has achieved and collected throughout their life. The collector enjoys showing off, so pictures of flash holidays, souvenirs or sports awards will be a definite feature. Collectors can be determined, lively, sociable people and wish to be leaders, but if they aren’t appreciated they can get grumpy, so watch out.

The poser (show-off desk)

This desk is up-market and is meant to represent the person sitting behind it. They could have a leather chair or an expensive desk, where there is hardly any clutter and most things have their specific place. The poser can also have flashy items on their desk such as expensive pens or swanky photo frames. He/she enjoys attention and wants to seem superior to others, so they can be a bit arrogant and controlling sometimes, however they have a charismatic nature and can captivate the people they talk to.

The organiser (control freak desk)

The description is in the title; this is a person who is exceedingly organised with not many personal items on the desk as this would clutter it. This desk can give off an intimidating vibe, as someone this structured can be very good at their job. Unfortunately they can be irritable if things aren’t just right, and have a tendency to keep to themselves, but they are very willing to help when there is a crisis and have an excellent level of concentration.

The artist (creative chaos desk)

Clutter is the main feature of this desk, but it isn’t just full of paper, but of books, drawings, photos, artwork and other fun items. Pieces of paper with notes and doodles are made on a day to day basis; this is their main way of managing things, although this doesn’t always work. He/she will have a complex mind which is creative and imaginative, but this can sometimes lead to day-dreaming and a scatty nature.

The whirlwind (organised chaos desk)
Oh dear. This person wishes they were tidy, but they aren’t. Their desk structure consists of piles of papers and can trail onto the floor as well and then wonder why they can’t find what they need. To relax they find routines in other areas such as having a cigarette at lunch or having a cup of tea or coffee at their desk. Whirlwinds are hard workers though and enjoy being sociable; they also have a good mind for ideas.

The personality (self-expression desk)
These are the people who cover their desk with things that symbolize their character and enjoy making them attractive so people feel welcome to approach them. There will be pictures of holidays, pets (if they have any), plants and people they admire. They may have perfume/aftershave or hand-creams on their desk. They are always busy and sociable people, but can lack tact sometimes so try not to be too offended - they mean well.

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