You’ve been asked to give a speech in public. Congratulations! This is your chance to shine. Though, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t like the thought of giving a speech very much.

Some of my work  concerns coaching people who are having to give a speech for the first and possibly only time in their lives and that is at a wedding.  Without exception they are always under confident and lack belief in their abilities.  Yet they are more likely know more about their subject than anyone else in the room if  you are the father of the Bride for example!

My advice to anyone speaking for the first time or speaking in a different environment from their norm is to remember that they were trusted to speak well and they wouldn’t have been asked otherwise.

Realise too that no one really likes the thought of presenting. Some of the best, most well known speakers and actors have confessed to this. So, when you look out at your audience, know that you’re always in good company. Looking confident is 90% of the art of presenting.  and it helps your audience relax and enjoy listening to you.

Confidence can be achieved by being prepared; by rehearsing so you feel comfortable with your material and by having identified beforehand your instant solution for de-stressing.  A favourite quote that helps me is “If you think you can, you can.”  Well worth keeping in mind.