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What’s trouble called and how do you spot it?


Some teachers believe they can spot trouble-maker students by looking at their names, a new study has found.

The research, by parenting website, found that almost a third of teachers generally expected pupils with certain names to be the ones who behaved disruptively.

While there is absolutely no scientific research to back up this crystal ball-esque trouble-spotting technique, almost half of the 3000 respondents said that they make assumptions about children as soon as they look at the register.

The danger names included Callum, Connor, Jack, Chelsea, Courtney and Chardonnay. The respondents said they would expect more disruptive behaviour from students with these monikers.

Interestingly, 57% of teachers said the naughtiest children at school are also the most popular and often make friends easier than well behaved children. More than a third also claimed that the naughtiest children are often the brightest, and the most sensitive.

Naughtiest Names
Boys Names    Girls Names
1.    Callum         1.    Chelsea
2.    Connor        2.    Courtney
3.    Jack             3.    Chardonnay
4.    Daniel          4.    Aleisha
5.    Brandon       5.   Casey
6.    Charlie         6.   Crystal
7.    Kyle              7.   Jessica
8.    Liam             8.    Brooke
9.    Jake             9.    Demi
10.  Brooklyn     10.   Aisha

We all make gut instinct decisions on people based on snippets of information, so can we apply this to a professional environment? What are the subtle signals that set alarm bells ringing in your head at the start of a session with a new group or individual?

If you’re working with someone called Callum, are they more likely to give you problems than someone called, say, Jeremy? Are you more likely to disagree with someone with a beard, a moustache or a massive mono-brow?

What are the signs that allow you to spot potential problems and how do you head them off before they surface? Be honest, do you have a list of danger names written in the back of your notepad?

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