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Workshop report: Increasing business success using NLP


This is the transcript from the workshop on Increasing business success using NLP held on Tuesday 3 October.

Stephanie Phillips Hi all. Apologies, we've had a few problems, but will be ready to go shortly.
Michael Mallows Greetings.
Stephanie Phillips Hello all. Royce Munday will be with us shortly, apologies for the delay due to problems our end!
Eamonn Chandiram No problem.
Alison Ludditt Wow. This is my first time.
Stephanie Phillips Shall we do introductions while we wait? Who wants to get the ball rolling?
Michael Mallows 'Author of The Power to Use NLP'
Stephanie Phillips Thanks Michael - sounds like you already know a fair bit about the topic!
Michael Mallows Yes, I would say so.
Anthony Aggett Hi -this is my first time too!
Stephanie Phillips Hi Hugh. We're just getting started with introductions.
Alison Ludditt Hi . . . Alison Ludditt here--Trainer Development Team at Corporate Learning.
Michael Mallows I use it in most areas of my life - at home and at work - and know there's always more to learn!
Eamonn Chandiram I'm just starting a Level 5 NVQ and would like to know a bit more about NLP.
Michael Mallows Eamonn, I have designed a Management Programme - NLP based, which links NVQ criteria with NLP techniques.
Eamonn Chandiram Fantastic, how can I get a copy of this?
Hugh Birm Hello everybody.
Mike Hi everyone - I'm also a NVQ student - so interested to learn!
Stephanie Phillips (Hi Brendon, Stephen, we're just doing introductions while we wait for Royce Munday to get logged in).
Michael Mallows Eamonn, it is a 'live' course, but e-mail me (if that message was for me!).
Brendon Breen Hello all, first time in a chat room. Looking forward to seeing what happens.
Wyn Llewellyn My interest is in improving the personal effectiveness of people in business, particularly those in influential positions.
Stephanie Phillips (All - to get someone's e-mail address, simply hover over their name in the right hand part of the screen)
Royce Munday Phew!
Stephanie Phillips Hi Royce - glad you could get here!
Eamonn Chandiram Sorry, forgot to introduce myself. I'm a Senior Purchasing Manager at Computacenter, a large corporate reseller.
Stephanie Phillips Sorry we had some techie problems earlier.
Royce Munday It's a delight to be in such distinguished company.
Michael Mallows Techie probs!! And I thought it was my computer.
Stephanie Phillips Royce - how about starting with a nice definition for us?
Royce Munday Hello, Stephanie. OK. One of the clearest definitions of NLP is "The study of the structure of subjective experience" Is that helpful?
Michael Mallows We only know the world through our senses (NEUROlogically), we make sense of sensation in the unique language of our own 'reality' LINGUISTICALLY- and from that we create patterns or PROGRAMMES
Royce Munday With a full name of Neuro-Linguistic Programming it should be expected that there is some jargon associated. What that means is that each of perceive our world through our senses.
Royce Munday And that each of us creates a unique 'map' of the world.
Stephanie Phillips Right, and that makes us subjective, yes?
Royce Munday Yes our experience is subjective UNIQUE to us.
Stephanie Phillips So we're going to look at how this relates to the business world?
Robert Agar-Hutton Hi All, Royce - is 'Hello Michael' some deep NLP installation?
Alison Ludditt So NLP is the reading of and catering to an other's map?
Royce Munday With all these unique experiences around, there is little wonder that doing business can be a complex business. If we are to communicate then we must first see the map of the person with whom we want to communicate.
Anthony Aggett Hello everyone, I am Head of HRD at a healthcare Trust. I am interested in ways of helping people release their potential. I use Myers Briggs a lot and am interested in finding more about how NLP might be used with the indicator now I'll watch and "listen!2
Royce Munday Even in 'seeing' that map it is useful to remember that we are 'filtering' through our own experience.
Michael Mallows Anthony, one way to release potential using Myers Briggs, is to get people to 'model' colleagues i.e. to build bridges from, say introvert strategies to extrovert.
Stephanie Phillips Right, so using Myers Briggs is a way of doing the mapping?
Robert Agar-Hutton Royce - re seeing the map - I don't disagree - BUT :) surely the problem with people (us all) is that parts of the map keeps changing - even during a short period of time ?
Royce Munday Yes, and so each communication should be conducted 'on the outside' i.e. we need to be out in the world (rather than in our own head) to notice the 'truth' now.
Michael Mallows Robert, by 'tracking' the changes, we could build a mosaic, a richer map, as we move, alongside each other, toward mutually desired outcomes?
Laura Lindell Right - and using all your sensory acuity you can see, hear and feel those changes easily and effortlessly.
Royce Munday One of the skills of those practising NLP is that of 'acuity' - the ability to notice what is ACTUALLY happening .
Anthony Aggett thanks Michael, that's helpful - using feedback to check out. presumably.
Hugh Birm So much for the theory - how can this help my business
Royce Munday Wow. This is a real rollercoaster, isn't it?
Michael Mallows Anthony - exactly as Royce says, to develop sensory acuity.
Stephanie Phillips I think it's important, like Hugh, to get the theory attached to some practice.
Eamonn Chandiram I don't know about the rest of you but I'm a novice at this and we seem to have plunged into the deep end!
Stephanie Phillips How can we get into the 'real world'?
Laura Lindell How many ways do you want your business to grow?
Royce Munday Hugh, would it be useful for you and your colleagues to be able to influence others in negotiations, sales etc. either internally or externally.
Mike I'm with Hugh - how can we effectively use NLP?
Laura Lindell Whose world 'real' world - mine or yours?
Alison Ludditt in something like training, per se?
Michael Mallows One way that I do that is to teach teams/managers to use the Logical Levels combined with Well Formed Outcomes as a decision making tool.
Stephanie Phillips I think it would be useful to try and keep explanations as clear as possible for those who aren't so up to speed with things!
Robert Agar-Hutton Re Hugh's question...For me the bottom line IS improved communications - at its simplest, NLP TELLS me to pay attention to people when I am communicating with them.
Hugh Birm That would be a start - how would I do that?
Royce Munday There goes that jargon again - but keep with it. Logical levels are extremely useful tools(?) but perhaps meat before milk.
Michael Mallows LOGICAL LEVELS: Environment / Behaviour / Capabilities / Beliefs / Values / Identity / Relationship.
Royce Munday And with yourself, Robert
Robert Agar-Hutton Yes Royce - on a good day :)
Robin T Cox Remember Morecambe and Wise: LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!
Robert Agar-Hutton Actually Royce's point is very important - internal communications are more important than external as they are a prerequisite...
Royce Munday Reading the FT yesterday the winner organisations are said to have several things in common - those things in a nutshell are trust, communications and leveraging the skills and knowledge of all workers.
Laura Lindell By improving and raising your awareness, how you take in information through all your senses, you become better able to respond most effectively - to build rapport and then on the basis of that to set well formed outcomes. Achieving agreement and then building on it.
Royce Munday This is cool. I'm certainly learning.
Laura Lindell You will notice my maps are represented by the language that I'm using.
Alison Ludditt Can someone give an example of NLP in action?
Robert Agar-Hutton Robin - interesting question - I feel that the Net is a very challenging communications media.... But it's rewarding.
Royce Munday The more senses you can use at one time the more you will pick up. It doesn't make communication on the net impossible - I guess we are all picking up 'tones' from each message.
Michael Mallows Alison: I introduce the Logical Levels (without labeling it at the intro stage) by asking people (on a training, in a team) how they want the training venue (Environment), what actions they need, or need ME, to take, What skills (Capabilities) they want to develop, What limiting or liberating beliefs, What Values will we use as 'ground rules' who do they want to be (Identity) and how they want to relate (relationship).
Robert Agar-Hutton Obviously emoticons are very NLP :)
Alison Ludditt Ahh.
Royce Munday Building of teams, relationships, ... and on. One simple change I have made with many managers is to suggest a change in their tonality.
Laura Lindell The way you organise your sentences will create particular images in the minds of others. So how will you know that you've understood this now?
Royce Munday This is when they have had (so they tell me) little respect from their teams. Just saying hello in different tonality (try this) will make a difference. Try saying hello and raising your tone at the end. Then do it again and lower your tone at the end. Which has most impact?
Michael Mallows The way people respond enables me to introduce REPRESENTATIONAL SYSTEMS (See Hear Feel) and how the different preferences can enrich or enrage.
Laura Lindell 'Seek first to understand and then to be understood'
Robert Agar-Hutton Hi - Amin's query is "The way people respond enables me".
Royce Munday Thanks, Laura. Yes, we need to do that in all our interactions.
Laura Lindell But Amin created so many more interesting images in my mind.
Hugh Birm Royce - I'm confused by this medium - seems to be lots to learn - how can we take this further after 13:45hrs?
Michael Mallows SEEK FIRST: NLP helps a lot with this: MetaModel (I call it Linguistic Ice bergs), Well Formed Outcomes, and so many other NLP concepts and models.
Royce Munday If we are to be successful we also need to set very clear goals (well formed outcomes in NLP terms) take action to hit those goals and notice the result we are getting.
Stephanie Phillips Can we give Hugh some thoughts about taking this further?
Royce Munday Please, email me or Jo Shaw at Alphacourt (clicking on my name will apparently link us.
Stephanie Phillips It's a pretty wordy topic to get your head around if you haven't come across it before! Does anyone know of a dictionary which covers definitions of the words used in NLP?
Robin T Cox QSK
Robert Agar-Hutton Re: 'Notice the results' How do you stop the process of monitoring interfering with the process of communicating?
Michael Mallows Stephanie - a very simple approach to teaching/learning/ applying NLP in the 'real' world is simply this: notice what works and do more of it!
Royce Munday Not a dictionary but there are good lists on some of the websites.
Mike Michael M - how about offering some free copies of your book to the uninitiated?
Michael Mallows There is a book by Joe Sinclair called An ABC of NLP.
Maggie Couzens Great idea !!
Stephanie Phillips Royce, can you suggest any sites?
Michael Mallows MMMmmm. What about a very reduced price?
Alison Ludditt Okay!
Maggie Couzens http://www.achievementworld.comis worth a visit.
Royce Munday We need feedback as a part of our communications. If you talk to someone who is dead the conversation will stop quite quickly (I hope). This feedback then enables you to determine whether your direction is right or not and then to take flexible action.
Robin T Cox I often talk to the dead.
Mike What's a fair price to all these interested in this chat room (bulk discount!).
Royce Munday I would be happy to give people a list after this workshop but it is a long one and would take time.
Eamonn Chandiram I would like to understand how to improve interaction with others by "reading" them more effectively. How can this be achieved?
Michael Mallows I am currently creating a Community website which will have lots of NLP on it. If you want to join, e-mail me with NLP in the topic box
Royce Munday OK the speed is slowing now. I;
Stephanie Phillips All, we're going to need to wind things up unfortunately. Happy to run another session on this if there's enough demand and if Royce (or maybe a participant today) is happy to run it.
Royce Munday I'm getting RSI here.
Laura Lindell There are NLP practice groups set up in many areas. The ANLP has information.
wyn llewellyn Wyn. A compelling description of how training managers in NLP can improve business performance would be welcomed
Stephanie Phillips Thanks Laura.
Robin T Cox Ciao
Stephanie Phillips Royce, do you want to conclude with a quick summary?
Royce Munday Give me a call Wyn. It does need to be compelling and I am interested in bottom line benefits.
Hugh Birm Royce - thanks for the brief insight - look forward to talking this further - I'll be in touch.
Royce Munday OK. As a summary Stephanie, NLP is a set of tools which I and others have used to MASSIVE effect in business. It helps to build and maintain rapport.
Michael Mallows Farewell.
Stephanie Phillips Thanks all for taking part - happy for anyone to stay on and chat if they want to, but I'll end things formally for Royce now!
Royce Munday It helps us define our objectives, monitor our progress and make real gains.
Laura Lindell Thanks everyone.
Royce Munday So, what are the specifics of peoples interests so that maybe we can answer some questions.
Michael Mallows What ever else I have gained from NLP, this is certain, I cannot imagine ever again finding another human being boring!
Brendon Breen Lateral thought; NLP is best ingrained experiential. Is there a way that NLP is taught practised experiential that can use this medium? I am involved in experiential development and would be interested to know.
Royce Munday This is a strange thread to follow. Does anyone have a specific question for a specific person to answer?
Michael Mallows Yes.
Michael Mallows I am working on a book called Nurturing Learning Potential...
Royce Munday The languaging can certainly be helped even on this limited medium.
Michael Mallows Anyone got any tips and tricks for classrom effectivenss that I might include? These are for teachers to do what the title says.
Royce Munday Humour
Laura Lindell Encourage playfulness
Eamonn Chandiram I have a question. How can I relate better to those people that are highly tactile and emotional (things I find hard to cope with)?
Royce Munday Genuineness of the desire to see people excel.
Robert Agar-Hutton May I plead guilty to LECTURING too much when I am giving a training - it can be difficult to avoid sometimes.
Royce Munday Use their predicates in communications, Eamonn.
Michael Mallows Thank you. However, your answers are too general - to give an example...
Royce Munday Also, there is a rule in NLP which says 'you go first'.
Royce Munday Flexibility is a key skill, Eamonn, so when you can't you must.
Robert Agar-Hutton Laura - Playfulness is VERY good but can be difficult - some of the people I train are not happy bunnies :(
Michael Mallows Have children sit back to back (touching) and begin to breathe in rhythm. In a short while, they will be in rapport, and a general feeling of calm will prevail.
Royce Munday Robert: pace then lead. Be unhappy with them first but remember to lead.
Robert Agar-Hutton Michael - any reason not to do it with adults? Sounds like a good exercise for anyone.
Royce Munday Always?
Robert Agar-Hutton Royce - Yes, good point (I'm not unhappy with them - they have unhappy jobs) so I need to build rapport and then lead them to a 'better place'.
Laura Lindell I often open trainings getting people to focus on a spot, breathe in unison and then reflect on how they will use their new skills back in their workplace. It seems to create a useful rapport and set outcomes all at once. After that I simply say 'In how many ways are you ready to play now?'
Royce Munday Michael, as you know, there are many such exercises. Are you looking for more of these?
Michael Mallows Robert - I do so all the time, and I should have said - or adults. Another good one: have the learner tap out a figure 8 on their own a fellow's head.
Michael Mallows Royce, yes (I have lots already).
Michael Mallows Or I create them as I go along.
Royce Munday I'd love to chat on the phone and I'll show you mine...
Laura Lindell 'Brain gym' exercises.
Michael Mallows Let's do that.
Royce Munday K
Robert Agar-Hutton Z :)
Michael Mallows Brain Gym - yes
Michael Mallows Y
wyn llewellyn How do you 'sell' this approach to hard-nosed and thrusting business managers??
Royce Munday 01469 574894 in a while. Wake up at the back Robert.
Royce Munday By showing results in a very brief session.
Michael Mallows I treat them as if they are capable of being surprised and dealing with confusion: that is, I take risks.
Robert Agar-Hutton I don't like the idea of 'selling' - I prefer to gain allies.... Not easy to explain in writing
Royce Munday Allies are cool - rapport then eh?
Laura Lindell I act as a role model for the things I'm offering - my enthusiasm is infectious (so I'm told).
Eamonn Chandiram I am learning from this but I have to say one needs to open their mind more and this is very difficult when sitting at your office desk.
Robert Agar-Hutton Yes, but simply because to me it's the easy (Lazy?) way...
Wyn Llewellyn OK, let's use the words 'influence or persuade managers' that investing in this 'technology' will deliver a worthwhile and tangible return
Royce Munday I must now go and change into my reading trousers if you will excuse me. Really great experience. Thanks.
Robert Agar-Hutton BYE - THANKS!!!!
eamonn chandiram Time to go. Cheers!!
Laura Lindell Bye Royce - many thanks
Robert Agar-Hutton Bye to all & thanks again.
Michael Mallows Thank you. Off the change the world (well to have some lunch!) I enjoyed.

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