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1 Day Workshops


Does anyone know of any 1 day workshops. Show and tell, sharing good practice etc

Particularly interested in technical training. Aerospace, Defence, Construction, Engineering, Nuclear etc.

If not, would anyone be interested in starting one? Anywhere in UK.

I have asked many times before with not much success but there might be new people on Training Zone now?

Fingers crossed


6 Responses

  1. software, networking

    hello Steve. i'm more into software, as well, hardware or IT networking. if your interested on this field, just let me know. likewise, you can try your interest by going to different academic or vocational institution. i'm sure they offer also some short course related to technical oriented.

  2. Course

    Thanks Hugs

    I'm not really after a course I just want to meet people from different organisations, doing a similar job to me, who are willing to share ideas.

    I'm amazed how little of this goes on. So much can be gained by sharing.

    I am more than happy to start something but previous experience tells me that I can get more out of an event if the people have similar job roles.

    Anyone interested?

  3. socialization

    hi again Steve. so the way i understand it it's more of a socialization. i guess their are lots of an organizations or clubs that are specifically in those fields in your location. and you may approach them. likewise, i dunno if you believe it but plenty of social media sites can great help in what your loking for such as tweeter, facebook, myspace, etc. good luck.

  4. Socialising

    Hi again

    No not really for socialising but that can be a plus side. I used to belong to a group of Technical College trainers who used to develop resources for Engineering Apprentices but this stopped due to many factors, mostly funding!

    The groups that do exist seem to be for Brain Friendly, Leadership and Development trainers which is quite a long way from what I do and not very useful to me.

    Surely there are some trainers from big Engineering, Industrial, Scientific, Energy, Utilities, Oil and Gas who read these message boards?

  5. Some possibilities


    I don't know of any one-day workshops in your field, but here are just a few ideas that might just work for you.

    Anyone can set up a "Meet Up" group about almost anything I have had a quick look and can't find an existing "Technical Trainers" group.

    You could use LinkedIn to find people. There is a Technical Trainers group with 2400 members see I don't know how many of the people are in the UK. Basic LinkedIn is free and is all you need.

    You could just phone a few of the people you would like to share things with and ask them if they would like to meet. I have been in a number of support groups over the years and found them very useful.

    You might find it very useful even to find one person. I have used "Coconsulting", where you take turns, in a pair, listening to and helping each other. It's proved very useful in my developmental work. It costs almost nothing except time, and you learn a lot. There's a link here.

    Best wishes,


    (01707 886553 if you want to chat about this)

  6. Thanks

    You make some good points Nick. I am already a keen Meetup walking and culture vulture.

    I am thinking of contacting people directly rather than group meetings. I am in lots of LinkedIn Groups but tend to delete the 1000 e mails I get every Monday morning without reading them!.

    Time to get pro-active…



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Steve Robson

Learning and Development Consultant

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