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10 Minute Training Session


Hello Everyone!

I have recently started a new role with the company i've been working for, for almost 4 years now. I was previously a customer services representative answering calls and dealing with reports.

Last Monday I started new job as a Call Coach. I was told today that I will be going on a train the trainer course, in which I have to give a 10 minute training session. Suggested topics are: Sport (which I know nothing about), hobbies or work.

I have never given a training session before so am keen for any help anyone can give me on what the best topic would be i.e. should I should stick with a work related or other? Also any tips on how to keep it interesting, i'm keen to make a good impression so anything you think will help me would be great.

Thank you!

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  1. Don’t Panic!

    Hello Hetty,

    Please don’t worry to much – a lot of train the trainer courses ask you to do something first, may or may not give you feedback, run the course and then ask you to do it again so you can see how far you have come. 

    My suggestion would be pick a topic you are the most comfortable with.  A hobby could even be the movies (tell them about your favorite film), music (rave about your favorite band) or even shoes!  It will be how you deliver it that counts, and that is what you are there to learn!

    In terms of structure it really is as easy as a beginning, middle and end. 

    Everyone will be in the same boat as you and completely nervous too, so please don’t have sleepless nights.

    Good luck!


  2. Ten minute training session

    Hi Hetty,

    a structure will help to overcome the 10 minute timescale challenge. The 4 p’s will help, here is an example for a work related topic:

    Position –  Your current position (view) on the topic

    Problem – Any problems with the current approach

    Possibilities – Ideas to address the problem

    Proposal – How you propose to move it forward

    This approach ensures you include a beginning, middle and close


  3. Remember this well…


    Hi Hetty Hippo,
    I remember this well from my first session on a Teacher Training programme; it’s a great way of practising your training skills with a subject your comfortable with.
    I did Margarita making (which to be honest I don’t recommend as the blender leaked!) while other colleagues in the class made origami frogs, and another taught us about flint tools, we had the usual rules about football etc, and others chose work-related subjects. 
    For your first session, I would recommend teachign something relatively simple, so you can relax and concentrate on the training techniques.
    In terms of keeping things interesting, getting your audience involved would be my tip, I can still make an origami frog now!
    Hope this is helpful – good luck!
  4. 10 minute training session
    Thankyou for your reponses i’ve decided to do a 10 minute session on a hobby as i’ve been advised not to do one on work, so I have to try to get the people im training to learn something, but I don’t know what to do in 10 minutes?!

    Any ideas?

    Thank you all!

  5. Hobbies
    Hi HettyHippo

    Give us an idea what your hobbies are and I’m sure we can think of something.

    The tutor will be looking for group interaction so if you have 10 minutes I would be looking for at least 5 minutes where you are not talking…how easy is that! Just reduced your work by 50%


  6. Best presentation

    The best I have seen was whilst recruiting for a secondement position to my training team, the (succesful) applicant asked us to describe how to make a gin and tonic, few raised eyebrows later we said

    get a glass add gin add tonic drop in ice….was our answer

    she then went on to demo the "perfect gin and tonic" with her props ice, Bombay Sapphire, lemon was so left field, interactive and we got to taste it at the end, that it will always be with me !!!!

    Choose something that you know well and are passionate about, keep it simple and your presentation will be a success!!

    good luck

  7. 10 minutes

    10 minutes is a surprisingly long time  –


    My advice is to pick something really simple but useful   that you can teach people in 10 minutes – allowing about half that time for a practical exercise.

    How about how to make a handy bag out of a piece of paper? Check this video

    But if that doesn’t appeal that site has loads of How – tos.   As other people have said – in this case the content isn’t really important, it’s about you presenting information clearly and logically and encouraging and supporting learners.  I did my 10 minute session on Hamsters for Beginners.

    So just pick a subject – decide what you want to get across – devise a practical exercise to embed the learning – practice on some friends – and then go for it.

    Good luck


    PS Personally I like an outline script – even if I go off topic from time to time or have to go off on a tangent to answer a question – it gives me confidence to know that there is a script underlying it all.

  8. 10 minute presentation

    Hi Hetty

    Good luck and congratulations on your new role!    A couple of the answers have suggested that you demonstrate something, whether you go with that or not I find that a few props and some interaction are a great help.    For example if you like yoga, a yoga mat and a demo of yoga breathing techniques.    

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