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10 places for business networking when you have no time to network


A phrase that typically follows me around is ‘how do you find time to do everything? (The answer is I don’t, I just prioritise very well!) But, it left me thinking about how to find the time to network when you have no time to network. I have two pre-school age children, chair of my local CIPD committee, two businesses and a book to write on business networking. That doesn’t leave much time for networking…

Here are my 10 ideas on places for business networking when you don’t have time to network:

Use social occasions to network – recently I met one of my associates via a friend’s summer barbeque.

Remember to update your LinkedIn status a couple of times a week with what you are up to. (Or if you are really busy, get your PA or VA to update it for you.

If you are stuck in a queue, strike up a conversation with the person next to you – you never know where it will lead.

On a plane or a train? Talk to the person next to you.

Instead of attending all the sessions at a conference, aim to meet some people during the sessions you miss.

Invite a couple of people you want to meet to lunch rather than seeing them individually

Regularly host social events for your friends and business contacts

Instead of getting bored at big family events, take the time to find out how your relation’s careers and businesses are going.

If you are away from home, go down into the bar or restaurant and look for other lone business travellers to talk to.

When travelling away from home, look through your business contacts to see who you could meet up with on your travels.

Heather Townsend is the driving force behind The Efficiency Coach and a co-founder of 'the executive village' -  Are you looking for a business coach? Take a look at how we can help you or your business. Would you like a fortnightly efficiency tip? Sign up here at

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  1. Networking

    — I help improve people’s creative and flexible thinking skills – so they can achieve more with less, spot opportunities better, and generate great ideas – and help them spread their ideas better

    Heather, really love the matter of fact approach, and underlies one of the big issues that holds people back: they put things on pedestals.

    So, the very word ‘networking’ takes on being a big task, a formality, rather than as an exercise to connect with other people – whatever the circumstances.

    The best networkers, network effortlessly and seamlessly; it is part of their everyday inter-action. I once recruited a new member of staff at a funeral (I am sure the deceased would have had a good laugh about it!)

    I didn’t go to the funeral on a mission to formally network: I wanted to show my respects. After the service I happened to be introduced to someone and one thing led on to another, leaving with the offer of a further meet for the job vacnacy we had.

    In a world of time poverty the message has to be to integrate as much as you can in what you are doing anyway.

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Heather Townsend


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