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24 Tips to be more productive


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I am not promising you twenty eight hours here, but, instead, helping you pack in more work in those same number of hours. The world may tell you that you cannot have a successful professional life, a rocking social life and a healthy and happy personal life simultaneously, but we beg to differ. You can have all these things and much more if you just manage the twenty-four hours of your day smartly. If you are wondering how you can manage your time like a pro with high productivity, then we have just the right tips for you!

1. Try and wake up early. Almost every successful person on Earth swears by this mantra. Just give it a shot and you will be surprised at how quickly you will get the job done while the rest of the world is just rubbing its eyes.

2. Learn how to say NO. It’s hard but will help you prioritize your work in the right way and stop people from taking advantage of your polite nature.

3. Instead of completing every step in a project, just focus on the one you specialize in and outsource the rest to the corresponding experts. You will save more time, submit quality work before the deadline and improve your already enviable skills.

4. Working out is a must. It releases endorphins that keep you feeling fresh and happy and you adopt a proactive approach to life and its challenges.

5. Be smart and offbeat by avoiding traveling during peak hours and shopping during the weekends. Instead, try packing in more work indoors at such hours while everyone is standing in long queues.This will help you save more time.

6. Stay away from social media and put your phone on the silent mode to avoid all distractions as you concentrate purely on your work. Less distraction translates into wasting little to no amount of time.

7.Remember to work in intervals with short periods of rest in between. For example, work for an hour followed by a ten minute break. Your body and mind get a much needed break and you get back to work feeling fresh and energetic.

8.You’ve got to show some devotion if you wish to succeed in life! Set up a routine that involves waking up early, working out and then working your arse off. And stick to it! It will give you amazing results way sooner than you’d thought!

9. Organize your work station and de-clutter regularly. Clean and tidy surroundings help you stay calm and you don’t waste time digging through piles of unnecessary stuff looking for your stapler or that green pen.

10. Avoid checking your emails in the morning and pack in more productive work at that time of the day as you are more energetic in the early hours. You can always read your emails later.

11. Firmly, but gently, cut off ties with people who give off negative vibes. You don’t need such people to bog you down in life when you have so much to achieve!

12. Remember: You are what you eat. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and observe your creativity and energy levels go beyond the roof. Junk food might look more comforting, but it doesn’t help cheer you up.

13. Invest ten to fifteen minutes every night planning your chores for the next day and you shall wake up feeling ready to handle the day’s challenges as you are mentally prepared for them.

14. Feeling tired in the middle of the day? Grab a glass of water instead of your regular cup of coffee. 70% of the human body is made up of water and more often than not, feeling lazy is just a sign of dehydration. Caffeine may seem cool and happening, but it is actually not as helpful as you think. It only helps you for a short time period. So drink water instead, keep yourself well-hydrated and watch how you perform wonders at your workplace!

15. You’ve heard all that hype around meditation and dismissed it as hogwash, right? Well, that hype is worth the benefits that meditation has proven to give to your body, mind and soul. Meditate everyday for at least ten to fifteen minutes and your life will transform (for the better) right in front of your eyes!

16.Try and grab your lunch away from your office and go for an afternoon walk later on to rejuvenate your mind. A short break from your work in the middle of the day, can do wonders in your professional life.

17. Put up a“Do Not Disturb”sign the next time you are engrossed in something important to avoid distractions like a colleague coming over for a useless chat. Your concentration remains unhindered and you work faster this way since everyone will think twice before disturbing you.

18. Positive affirmations have a far more beneficial impact on your life than you can possibly imagine. Keep telling yourself simple, positive statements, like“I mange my time efficiently”,“I am a productive person”,“I dominate my day and run it successfully”frequently throughout the day and miracles shall soon become a normal part of your life.

19. Don’t beat yourself up over one bad day or a horrible past. Decide to do better tomorrow and make sure you stick to it. Your past is only there to help you learn the important lessons in life, not to haunt you forever.

20. If you’re engaged in a creative task like writing, the best idea would be to turn off the internet since once you get into that, you will have no clue as to how the next five hours of your life will just fly by.

21. Observe yourself to figure out when your body is most active and alert during the day and pack in all the most important tasks for the day during that phase. Keep the other chores for some other time throughout the day.

22. It’s always good to pause and analyse your progress. Are you getting the results that you wanted? Are you improving day-after-day? If you aren’t getting a positive answer, make some corresponding changes and pause to analyse again after a few days. It’s better than spending months and then realising that you weren’t going in the right direction.

23. Create a good impression on others and save yourself some valuable time by having your agenda ready before attending any meeting or making that phone call. This make you come across as no-nonsense person and you are taken seriously at your workplace.

24. Last but not the least, if you want to utilize your time well, you should ensure you don’t waste other’s time either. Always be punctual as that shows that you respect yours as well as your colleague’s time. In fact, turning up a few minutes earlier, will help you catch up on minor details and also create a good image that will only help you in your personal as well as professional relationships.

There is a great feeling in knowing that you have managed to pack in more quality work in lesser number of hours compared to your peers. Following these tips will not only help you manage time more efficiently, but also leave you with some quality time for your loved ones and for yourself. So there you go, these are some of the tips that we have for you to help you work smart and climb that ladder of success slightly faster than the others!

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