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3 Ways To Streamline Your Internal Communication


It's clear that our workplace is changing rapidly, which means that the way we communicate with each other in the workplace must keep up. 

For instance, upwards of 80% of remote workers today feel more engaged and workplaces are becoming more flexible in allowing employees to dictate the style of office culture. 

If you're still doing the sterile, 40 hours in an office, meetings and memos style of business, you're going to get left behind sooner than later. 

To increase your company's productivity and make sure you are communicating in a way that is effective and productive, there are some practices you will want to adapt quickly. With this in mind, consider the three tips below. 

Get Out of the E-Mail Rat Race

Studies show that close to 30% of employees say that e-mail puts a damper on their productivity. 

Think about it -- when you get e-mails, doesn't it feel like more of a burden than a necessity? You get drowned out in noise and junk, and by having to reply to e-mail after e-mail, you're losing time before you know it. 

Instead, you should send direct messages on your platform that are urgent and handle other communications face to face, with voice memos or other actionable decisions. It's so easy for an e-mail to get lost in the mix, to the point that your employees are having trouble keeping up with them. 

Get On The Same Page With Cloud Computing And Apps

The cloud is your friend when it comes to your company's communication. 

Adopting cloud-based platforms can help you get on the same page. For instance, you can use a virtual desktop to make sure everyone has access to the same data. You can use cloud computing in public relations, giving multiple people access to your social media platforms so that they can tackle marketing projects. 

In terms of internal work, consider using the Slack platform, Skype and other great tools. Google Docs and Sheets can also help you with scheduling tasks and making sure that you're completing them in a timely manner, in order to stay on track with projects. 

Strategically Break Down Your Teams

Regardless of which tools suit your fancy, you'll definitely need to make sure that your teams are organized. 

When you have people relaying messages in an efficient and strategic manner, you'll be certain that your work is divided appropriately. It's easier for everyone to tackle objectives when you're not overseeing every detail. 

Having organized teams cleans up your communication so that all of these methods are more effective overall. 

So use these three tips to get the most out of your company's internal communication. 

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