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30 minute training session!



I have designed many sessions on coaching however my challenge is to provide an 'introduction to coaching for competence' in 30 minutes. I want something that has a big impact and leaves delegates wanting more...

Any exercises / thoughts that anyone has on how I can cover such a large topic in such a short time would be most gratefully received.  

By the time I have covered my introduction / benefits of coaching...half the time is gone so I need to think of a different angle to cover this and want interaction rather than me just presenting thoughts.

I have been out of the L&D arena for a couple of years since becoming a mum and really need some inspiration!



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  1. If I were you…

    Hi Michele

    If I were you I would forget this bit "By the time I have covered my introduction / benefits of coaching"

    I would use a 6 thinking hats / different perspectives approach.

    Devise 6 characters who are typical to your organisation. A bit like Mr men Characters

    Take each one through a scenario of how they will improve and progress by using Coaching and/or mentoring

    The participants could be put in small groups and each has a "Mr Man" with a series of questions and they have 1 minute each at the end to summarise how each of their "Misters" will benefit from Coaching.

    Good luck



  2. Welcome back!

    Hi Michelle

    Welcome back to the wonderful world of paid work!

    If you want to leave the delegates "wanting more" then you have to get them to see and accept the benefits of coaching (regardless of whether they are the potential coaches or the potential coachees).

    Telling them the benefits, in an introduction for instance, is teaching not coaching, so you need to give them an experience from which they can identify the benefits themselves….this way they will want more!

    Since you are dealing with a group, you will be using facilitation skills which are the group version of coaching, which is more often seen as a 1:1 activity.

    You could try utilising the Churchill quote…

    "I am always ready to learn, I do not, however, always like to be taught"

    …and ask the group to analyse situations where different people might use this phrase….they may see the time issue, the embarrassment of being thought inadequate/needing to learn, oppositional reflex, hierarchical/age /seniority issues.  You could then ask them to identify the downsides of trying to teach in any of these circumstances.  Which leaves coaching as the only active alternative.


    Alternatively if the group is sufficiently small you could try giving them an experience whereby they actually develop a useful skill…what that skill might actually be will depend on the business that the delegates are in.


    I hope this helps

    Rus Slater


  3. Thanks

    Many thanks for your responses. This has provided me with a couple of ideas I can use and am now starting to develop. Your comments are most appreciated and have really helped to kick-start my thinking.  

    Kind regards,


  4. Coaching in 30 minutes – key skills

    Hi Michelle, please contact me at [email protected] and I will send you a skills session which will have a big impact and start to develop two of the key skills for coaching:

    Active listening

    Good questioning

    I am an employed L&D manager and am very keen on open source / sharing best practice and I am not not selling anything.



  5. Coaching Game

    Hi Michelle

    I would be pushed to suggest anything that fits into just 30 minutes. I have used the coaching game in the past, as a taster for a full blown training event on coaching however this takes 60-90 minutes with debriefing. Have a look at . If anybody is interested I would be happy to supply a free copy. Just email me at [email protected]

    Hope that helps.

    Happy days!


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