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5 Benefits of Hiring an Agile Coach


Is your organization transitioning to agile software development? Whether you're in the beginning, middle, or even the latent stages of this movement, it's common to feel uncertain and frustrated by the process.

With that said, a qualified agile coach can help your organization succeed within this uncharted territory.  Let's get into the advantages you should know. 

Expansive Knowledge & Experience 

First and foremost, agile coaches have extensive practice in the practices and principles of Agile. Yes, you may think that you can read about these techniques online or in a book, but rendering the full benefits of, say, pair programming and short iterations, may be a completely different story.

An agile coach, on the other hand, has intuitive and professional knowledge of these elements. They have worked with numerous organizations, and they have leveraged new opportunities and change for their teams. 

Instantaneous & Relevant Application

Agile coaches can help boost an organization seeking to implement or improve agile techniques within their current infrastructure. There is a common scenario of companies hiring a trainer for a few workshops or settings, and then leaving the team to follow up with the strategies.

Keeping an on-board Agile coach creates a positive flow within the work environment. It helps with uneasy transitions and reinforces productive habits.

Furthermore, because agile coaches have access to productive resources and useful connections, they can help your team implement practical solutions quickly. 

Neutral (But Helpful) Third Party

Although it may seem counterproductive, it sometimes takes an outsider's perspective to understand your organization best. That's because organizational, dynamic change is not always obvious- especially when you're closely connected with the work you do. 

A third-party has no personal ties to your company, meaning they lack the connections, formed opinions, and personal biases regarding your work. Instead, they use their expertise and professional background to identify target areas needed for change and growth. Ther's no agenda or complicated loyalty to a department or employee. There is just the desire for growth.

Increased Value of Products and Services 

Want to improve your overall business reputation and customer retention? It may come in the unconventional form of an agile coach.

The premise here is simple. An agile coach can help create effective learning modules that acquaint and support employees with their tasks and responsibilities. As most workplaces struggle with ongoing training, this fills in a much-needed gap for employees staying relevant and updated on needed trends.

As employees better understand their specific roles and delegations, coaches can provide teams with direction for providing high-value products and services. It works as a two-fold. Employees feel more competent in what they can offer. In turn, customers feel more satisfied with what they receive.

More than Just a Coach 

One of the best benefits of hiring an agile coach? You're getting more than just a coach that instructs you the best courses of action to take.

You're getting a collaborator- someone who can bring teams and employees together and employ effective communication strategies to make sure everyone is on the same board.

You're getting a mentor, in the sense that an agile coach inspires employees and aims to nurture relationships and improve workplace motivation and morale. 

Finally, you're getting your own personal trainer, as your agile coach creates and designs effective strategies and routines to improve your organization's strength and expertise.



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