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5 benefits of video conferencing to learning


The rise of online teaching, coaching and eLearning has revolutionised the way we work together and the way we learn. With the ability to reach larger audiences, the scope of the learning and development industry has grown exponentially. Those professionals who are able to take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers will thrive.

The advent of live streaming, webinars, and virtual classrooms has made some types of traditional learning obsolete. With video conferencing, there is an ability to provide individualised instruction with a personal connection while reaching a larger audience than ever before.

Here are 5 benefits of video conferencing for learning and development professionals:

Enhanced staff training

Video conferencing software allows you to host webinars, hold virtual meetings and deliver online training events with ease. You can connect with experts from far away, receiving an amplified training platform from a myriad of professionals. With access to previously unavailable content or teachers, video conferencing provides an affordable, accessible medium for unmatched opportunities.

Cater to learning styles

With so many different styles of learning, it’s important for educators and practitioners to cater to as many as possible. Learning face-to-face is still preferable for students to receive nuanced information and for teachers to respond in the digital classroom, taking questions in real-time. Moreover, with video conferencing, you are also catering to a wider range of auditory learners, people who need visual demonstrations, and readers.

Expanded Reach

One of the most significant benefits of video conferencing is the expanded reach that becomes available when teaching with this medium. All geographical, time or other limitations are removed when people can access the conference from anywhere in the world.

With this type of learning, people from different parts of the country, or even people in different time zones, can have access to programmes through video conferencing, where they otherwise would have been unable to.

Reduce Costs

Making meetings and training virtual can also help in reducing costs. There’s no need to hire physical space, meeting rooms, breakout space, catering, etc. and the cost of travel is also eliminated. These cost reductions can have a massive effect on your bottom line.

You can even save on the cost of video conferencing equipment itself. There is no need to buy the hardware outright when you can easily hire out tools that connect seamlessly to your infrastructure. That way, you only use it when you need it, thus saving you money.

Collaborative Working

Students can now connect from different spaces from all over the world and, through video conferencing, collaborate with one another. Don’t think of video conferencing simply in the realm of one-on-one tuition, participants from different places can work as a team that makes communication, screen-sharing, and file sharing incredibly easy to make better decisions and create better solutions for all involved.

Take your teaching online and incorporate video conferencing to maximise growth, expand your reach and reduce costs. This medium will help you stay creative and flexible in your teaching methods while allowing you to increase its effectiveness and maximise the value you are giving.

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