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7 Smart and Efficient Strategies to Win Your Team


Exceptional leaders understand that their business performance is heavily influenced by several, different factors. One of the big aspects that many are concerned with is the lack of trust that comes from their employees. When your team doesn’t trust you, the leader of the company, you’re most likely to encounter a lot of resistance coming from more sides.

Therefore, it’s almost obvious that this issue of trust must be quickly solved. You can win your team’s trust if you know how to play your cards well. You should start borrowing some of the characteristics that successful leaders and entrepreneurs own, and you’ll soon notice the significant differences in your leading process.

In today’s post, we’re presenting 7 smart ways in which you can win your employees’ trust and improve their drive to contribute to the greater goal of your company. Pay attention and make sure that you also implement the strategies you learn here.

Be Concise and Transparent

Transparency brings a lot of trust, especially when it’s accompanied by concise words spoken from your mouth. To set your company in the right direction and to assure a consistent performance, you must be very concise with your expectations.
Your employees must really understand what you expect from them. Be concise with this part, and always show transparency. Speak your mind, give them genuine words, and they’ll reward you in the long run!

Show Passion

Great leaders are extremely passionate individuals. This passion that erupts from a person is surely contagious. Therefore, you need to show your team that you’re leading with passion. Give them more reasons to work for you rather than the monthly paycheck.
When you display your passion to the team, you are basically stating that you’re aligned with a greater goal, a greater purpose that is not dependent on material outcomes. If your passion is genuine, you’re likely to stimulate your employees and win their trust at the same time.

Give a Lot of Value

In most of the cases, an entrepreneur or small businessman like you will be above his employee’s professional level. What this means is that you’re most likely to have more knowledge, expertise, and wisdom when it comes to the actions that your company needs to take in order to grow.
Employees will often expect you to have the technical capacities to aid them when they encounter trouble. They want a leader that knows what it means to do both “low” and “high” work. Obviously, having knowledge will give you the possibility to help with the progress of your team. You can teach them how to become better, and they’ll be forever grateful. 

Be Extremely Patient

Patience is a rare trait nowadays. However, if you happen to lead a team of individuals, patience is no longer a “bonus” but rather a necessity. Your team won’t always succeed with their tasks; they’ll fail deadlines, they’ll do the wrong thing, and they’ll often cause trouble.
When these common situations happen, you must never get angry or aggressive. Preserve your calm and patience. Instead of yelling and focusing on the problem, teach them how not to do that mistake again. Once your employees perceive you as a patient person, they’ll put more trust in you.

Get Personally Involved Every Now and Then

Treat your employees like human beings and not just as “good deals”. Even though they are the engine of the company and you should treat them professionally, every now and then you can simply break the routine and ask them something about themselves. 
Initiate “personal” conversations with each of your employees, and do this every now and then. The purpose is to actually get to know the people you’re working with and to allow them to know you. This’ll build a lot of trust, as you will establish a personal rapport with “your people”.

Learn How to Listen

To listen to someone means to banish every possible thought that goes through your mind and only focus on what the other person is saying. This way, you can stay objective and make the one who speaks feel good and respected. If your employees know that you’re a good listener, they’ll automatically perceive you as something more than “just a boss”.

Deliver and Expect Constructive Feedback

Feedback is an important part of any business. However, the feedback that you give and receive is not just about business results. It is a way in which you can confirm your employees that you care about their progress and performance. 
The more constructive feedback you provide, the more improvements you’ll observe. Moreover, when your team sees your genuine interest in sharing and receiving feedback, they’ll perceive you as a reasonable person that can be granted with trust.


If you want to become a great leader that does not only wins his team’s trust, you must get in the right state of mind. Transparency, passion, patience, consistency, and a lot of hard work are some of the quality that most leaders can’t manage too well. Just remember: all of your actions have an outcome. The more you give and the better you do each day at work the faster will your company succeed.

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