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a little personal charitable assistance requested, please


I've just set up a website for the 3generation home (if you don't know what that is you'll have to go to the website to find out!) and I'd welcome some feedback from my fellow TZ community.

Please take a mo' to visit and have a look at it.
If you could then either
a) email me some feedback
b) comment on the forum
c) use the voting buttons on the pages
to give me ANY feedback you can, you know....contradictions, glaring omissions, speelig mitaks or even positive comments.

Thanks in anticipation
Rus Slater
rus slater

8 Responses

  1. Good and Bad…
    Hi Rus,

    I’m trying to be constructive and I never know which way to give the good, the bad and/or the ugly.

    So on the positive side the content seems to be pretty good, there are minor spelling mistakes many of which could be picked up with a spell check in a word processor – if you copy and past the text backwards and forwards between your html editor (or notepad etc.) you should be able to pick them up.

    But the actual site doesn’t really work for me at the moment the colour scheme is pretty harsh on the eyes on my laptop – and I’m not particularly elderly, it makes it really hard to read – the grey on green, and light grey on white approach needs to be abandoned for stronger colours – I think – anybody else can step in here and tell me I’m wrong.

    I feel the font is too large – I feel like I’m being shouted at a bit – all browsers let users set the font size, so large text isn’t necessary for the hard of seeing.

    And the header just doesn’t look right to me either – the centred text unbalances it, and the font in the header is very hard to read.

    Anyway good luck with the project it is a worthy one – and I hope you attract a lot of support and funding.

  2. feedback
    Hi Rus

    I agree with Nik’s comments about the colours, a stronger contrast is needed.

    I think it’s a great idea as the situation is more and more common and likely to become even more so if the economy continues its downward spiral!

    Once you’ve got the site fully up and running let us know – I’ll forward to the address to my contact list.



  3. thanks Sue, will do
    I’m going to leave the site as it is JUST FOR THE MOMENT whilst I gather feedback…but rest assured I am going to take the comments on board!

  4. Web site comments
    Great idea. Good start on the content. The structure is simple, which is probably good for this sort of site.
    I think a simple sentence defining 3G might be useful at the top (which will help Google pick up on the key words you use), or have a page dedicated to it. It is sort of explained in the copy on the home page but maybe those new the phrase would like an early explanation.
    Others have mentioned the colour contrast. This won’t pass next years AA accessibility standard. But the large font size will, and may be useful for this audience. The picture is a little American which makes me wonder whether this is for UK only or of wider appeal?
    You may want to add in a page of links to other sites. Not only is this useful but it will put you further up the search list.
    I’d make the page 10% narrower so that people with things like their favourites list open at the side can still read it all without scrolling across.
    Hope that helps

  5. Feedback form
    I tried to send you a comment via the site but it said it was invalid. Didn’t work, in other words! You need that fixed.

    Agree with comments on above – layout is quite important. Needs to be an easy visual flow for reading.

  6. in reply
    Garry~ please have another go…the servers were shut down for their annual maintenance (isn’t my timing perfect?)
    Carolyn~ strange…I got a form through from a journolist who wants to run an article; you must have hit the same problem Garry did!

    I have made some of the changes relevant to the feedback to date …but not all…yet
    I’ll be back on to it on Thursday but any other feedback is still appreciated



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