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I am new in role and my organisation would like me to look at getting our training accredited.  I have been tasked with looking into this and don't really know where to start.  So, how do I get our training accredited. 

many thanks


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  1. Depends

    Hi Sandy

    There are numerous routes depending on the type of course(s) you are delivering.

    More details would help.


  2. Agree with Steve…

    Hi Sandy, probably more info would help.  What are you looking for in accreditation?  What's the purpose or reason for it.  Are you looking to go down a more academic route or are you looking at more vocational pathway?

    It may help by giving a bit more information about what the training courses are.

    If it was management development courses for example, having it accredited by the ILM, for example, takes quite a bit of organising; having a policies for fairnesss and consistency around assessing and accessing learning, plaigarism etc, etc.  You have to have a number of different roles within your team, tutor, asessor, internal verifier etc.  You also have to pay for the accreditation.  

    If you have the budget for it you may do what we did and team up with someone that had their own ILM accredited centred and worked with them initially to set it up moving to our own centre after a few years.


  3. Queen’s Award – winning methodology

    Hi Sandy.

    We could be a strong and credible option for your organisation, if it fits with what you are looking for.

    We provide a unique and comprehensive suite of skills-based programmes for trainers, training managers, consultants and freelancers, having built up a solid reputation working with all industries, public and private sectors across the Top 100 FTSE companies in the UK.

    We offer over 20+ individual Certificates and six Diplomas, offering development in just about every discipline a trainer could need.

    We also offer accreditation for individuals who can earn the designation Accredited TAP  Professional (TAP.Dip) or Certified TAP Practitioner (TAP.Cert).

    Organisations may also apply for TAP Partnership, giving eligibility for the TAP Partners Logo which can be displayed on intranets and websites, demonstrating internally and to the external world that the team is TAP Accredited. Partnership also allows access to the coveted 'assessor programmes' giving control over the ability for L&D Managers or Supervisors to observe and coach at regular intervals to the robust TAP standards.

    If you would like to review the outstanding feedback from clients and case studies form organisations, plus our extensive products, please review or feel free to contact me to discuss further.

    Kind regards,

    Adrian Stokes

    Director TAP Partner Programmes.

  4. Accreditation

    Hi Sandy

    "where to start"? – best place that I know is to ask the 1st most basic question – "Why would you-all or your bosses want to get any of your training accredited?" That's the fundamental, non-assumptive place to start and only after you have got the columns of reasons / purpose for any accreditation sorted then proceed. Often some person or other in an organisation can have an 'idea' without having thought it all the way thru and the concept of accreditation may be just that! I can't tell from distance like this, but I think you need to ask the question first and foremost.

    If you want to read a very graphic, illustrative story about this very matter then get hold of the book "Leadership Secrets of Attilla the Hun" (don't be fooled into dismissal by the title), by Wess Roberts. The illustrative story is the one about the student learning to parachute and his exam results and then real-live results. I'd highly recommend it.

    I'm a partner in an L&D service provider company and we had the idea of trying to get some of programmes accredited several years ago, only for the reason of 'client comfort'. We stopped after a short but in depth research / investigation. – main reason was very few to zero business benefits in the accreditation process, its expensive and we would have had to bend our programmes to suit someone's / some organisation's certifying requirements. We are more interested in achieving top quality results and improvement performance outcomes for our client, rather than the programmes being 'rubber' stamped' by others just to say that they are 'good'.

    I agree with the other comments from others about – you need to be specific about what the reason purpose, objectives, content and most importantly; what are your programmes / training intervention are attempting achieve? (its assumed that the real-world outcomes would be such as skills upgrades, performance improvement, etc.), prior to looking into what body may provide accreditation in your particular areas.

    However if you are committed to proceed along the 'accreditation line' then several bodies may be able to help – OCR, ILM and City and Guilds are 3 obvious organisations to consider. If you want some contacts in these bodies then let me know, I have such because they have all been clients of ours. You would need to contact me direct at

    I hope that assists, regards and good luck

    William Wallace



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