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Does anyone have a copy of a questionnaire for Adair’s Action Centred Leadership? Putting a course together and cant find anything. I am only too willing to pay any copyright fees.
Alan Herbert

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  1. Not sure if this may help the training
    I have some notes that may be useful, do not have the questionnaire of Adairs though. The three areas of ACL are Task, Team and Individual and each of three interlock, the task must concentrate on Defining the objective, planning, communicating, support & control, evaluation. The team must have standards set by the leader in Behaviour, appearance and punctuality, then the following must be developed, a desire to work, enthusiasm, loyalty, pride, challenge. The individaul must be acknoledged for achievement, recognition and self development, generally qualities for each Task – Initiative & Perseverance Team – Integrity & Humour Individual – Tact & Compassion with three final qualities of Intelligence, Confidence & the Helicopter Effect. A leader must concentrate efforts on all three but at times must prioritise which is the most important, for eg. a surgeon performing life and death surgery (task) has a nurse who faints (individual) priority must remain on task. I am teaching a workshop (task) and student faints (individual) this time student takes priority (individual) Hope this is of some use, by all means come back to me if you want to discuss further
    Dale Gunstone MITOL

  2. ACL
    Hi I’ve just ‘googled’ and came across which had some really good info on ACL. It also has a link to This website has a ‘contact us’ so they should be able to help. Hope this helps.

  3. action centred leadership
    Have al ook at . This org. focuses on the education sector but has regular research papers and summaries available without needing to log on as a member. HayMcber have done LOADS of research into leadership too. Try typing into a serach engine. They come from outside the public sector and have found out some remarkable things about leadership in schools compared to business and industry. Wel worth a look I’d say

  4. Helicopter effect?
    I found Dale’s answer really useful, but can anyone tell me what the ‘helicopter effect’ is? Been racking my brains and can’t quite come up with an answer!

  5. To rise above

    My take (based on my degree module on corporate strategy) on the helicopter effect in leadership is the ability to rise above the melle of activity and take in the big picture and then drop back down in and direct the progress of a strategy.

    From a personal take, its when you get one of those out of body experiences when in your minds eye you are able to both focus in on what is happening, but at the same time can rise above it and see yourself. Spooky but it has happened to me and is a most awsome experience.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Hellicopters

    I am glad you found my response of use, and as Peter points out in his first example of the Helicopter effect, this is what I was refering to. Having never had the 2nd example in his response I cannot comment but it sounds fun.


  7. Questionairre
    Great resource for this and a variety of other questionairres inc motivation etc is PLT Productions in Perthshire. Tel 01828640770. Good luck


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