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Activity required for Task v People


Please note that I'm looking for an exercise, NOT a questionnaire or learning points to highlight - I've got that already. I just want a short (15-20min) fun activity that shows that people may approach things differently, but can still achieve the desired outcome.

Hoping you can help!


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  1. Task vs People

    Your a young officer in the Army out in Afghanistan. You know there is a Taliban machin gun hidden about 100m ahead of you that needs to be destroyed or lives will be lost, including civvies.  You have 8 soldiers with you:

    Soldier 1 – is single and has been in the Army just 9 months and is fresh out of basic training. He barely shaves.

    Soldier 2 – is married with 2 children and has been out to Afghanistan 3 times already

    Soldier 3 – is married with 1 child and is on the last patrol before he finishes his six month tour

    Soldier 4 – single guy and to be honest a bit of a waste of space

    Soldier 5 – single guy, "gung ho" type who isnt worried about any ‘collateral damage’ he may cause

    Soldier 6 – single guy, excellent shot but very nervous under fire

    Soldier 7 – single guy, just found out yesterday that his girlfriend is 3 months pregnant. He has been in Afghanistan for 4 months without a break home…

    Soldier 8 – single guy who has saved enough money for an engagement ring for his girlfriend and intends to ask her when he is home in 3 weeks

    Your commanding officer has told you that although the machine gun needs destroying the actual decision to do so is yours and is dependant on the available human resources you have available. He will back your decision but you know he would prefer the machine gun destroyed.

    No air cover is online. Artillery is unavailable due to taskings elsewhere. Airbourne medical teams are on standby should you need them, though they will take 25 minutes to get to your location and you need to secure a landing zone before they get to you.

    What is more important? The lives of the soldiers with you or the task.

    — Thanks Andrew Miller

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Sheridan Webb

Training Design Consultant

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