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Advance training tips for Business Managers


An employee training is one of the key factors which help you to move forward as a company. Productivity both in work and profits can’t be obtained without proper training and motivation.  So why not pump up your employees by giving them gifts at certain point of time to make them realize how important they are, but how you can do this is the real question?

Top Organization always conduct employees training after every few months or even after few weeks in some companies to educate their employees with the latest trends and technologies with in the industry, but they always miss a trick to motivate them during this process which ultimately hits company growth.

 So today, I will share with you how you can motivate your employee by giving those gifts as an incentive. These guidelines can really help you to choose a striking but yet inexpensive gift for your employees.

 The first question you should ask when considering a gift for employees who like roses is: Should I give gifts to employees or shouldn’t I give gifts to employees? Consider that giving something to individual employees is not the same as inviting them to have a drink with you, so you can have a private conversation to congratulate and thank them. If you’re going to give a gift to a co-worker, assistant etc. there are ways to do it correctly, and actions to avoid.

  • Start by making a list of the selected employees and go over it two or three times to make sure you have the correct individuals chosen.

Keep in mind that, unless you work in a small shop or an office with just a few staff members, you won’t know everyone on the payroll. Remember, when you give a gift of any kind you’re making a very personal gesture. This is especially true of gifts such as Valentine’s Day roses.

  • Think carefully about what any gift says, to the individual and to others in the workplace. If you’re rewarding several people, limit your gifts to those you work closely with on a daily basis.
  • Don’t give one person a gift while at work. It’s best to make the gesture away from the office.
  • If giving roses to several individuals as a thank you or reward, don’t make the presentation in front of people who are not on your original list. Do it before or after work hours or in a separate setting.
  • Make sure there are no company-policy guidelines on giving roses or similar gifts to supervisors or managers. As a general guideline, make the gift to the boss a bit less extravagant than you may want to.

The amount you spend on the gift is important. Don’t spend excessively. While it may be tempting to spend a lot on each individual, you can achieve the same result with a reasonably priced gift, such as one rose.

  • Set a reasonable budget, per individual and total.
  • With this in mind, don’t go for shock value with employees. If you put a huge spread of flowers on a worker’s desk they may feel overwhelmed, instead of feeling appreciate.

With the idea of roses, you have already made one decision about the emotion you’re trying to show. Flowers indicate that you’ve given some thought to the gift, especially if you know the employees or co-workers really like roses, for example.

  • Make sure you put some thought into the gift, even if you’ve already decided on roses. Think about the number, the way they’re displayed, when you’re going to actually give them etc.
  • Since you know the individual or individuals like roses, you may feel you’ve chosen the perfect gift. But, before you actually buy the flowers, think about whether the gift is too personal. Don’t just view this from your standpoint. Consider how the receiver will view it.
  • As you think along this line, be sure you understand how the person will feel when they see roses. This is especially important if you’re giving the gift to only one or two people.

You will certainly feel a pleasant change in their body language and dedication towards organization after implementing these tricks, what’ll make you happy as a manager or boss to extract out utmost to stay ahead over competitors in the market.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with the sentiment of
    I agree with the sentiment of giving gifts, particularly for long service; extra special performance etc. Just got to be careful that other employees don’t see it as favouritism.

    Gifts don’t have to cost either. For example : issuing an attendance certificate from a training course or ‘take the rest of the afternoon off’ on occasions.
    Bryan – course delivery and off shelf training materials

    1. I agree with you Bryanedwards
      I agree with you Bryanedwards, it should be in proper way that nobody take it as a favouritism.

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Wakas Javed

Training Manager

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