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Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Learning and Development


Hi TrainingZone subscribers
The Employment NTO is discussing a recommendation on an Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Learning and Development. The first steering group meeting has recommended a framework for an AMA - NVQ Level 3, plus communication and application of number key skills, plus further optional skills qualifications I was unable to attend the meeting but have received a questionnaire from EmpNTO asking for my views on such apprenticeships and the framework necessary.
As far as I am aware, an employer engaging an AMA in Learning and Development could be supported financially only until the apprentice reached age of 25.
My question to the forum is 'What do you think of the proposal to have a learning and development apprenticeship?'. As far as I am aware an AMA would learn all about learning, training and development skills, practices and knowledge (to NVQ3) during the years of apprenticeship and then become a trainer. My doubts which have emerged are is this really the basis AT THAT TIME for a trainer? Or am I being old-fashioned in that someone should obtain a basis in life, experience or skills of a high level before helping others to learn - vocationally this relates, as when helping managers and supervisors to learn, that the 'trainer' should have experience in these roles in addition to having training as an effective training practitioner.
If TZ subscribers want to comment on this, could they give their agreement to my passing on their comments (anon?) to the EmpNTO when I complete my questionnaire? Several members have asked in the past for something to get teeth into - could this be one subject?
Leslie Rae

Leslie Rae

4 Responses

  1. NVQ
    An interesting debate and one I am sure many will want to contribute to.

    The current system of funding personnel, admin, IT and customer service AMAs does not provide an adequate payment structure to deal with assessment and training. In theory if a young person can be trained over time to a high standard and then assessed against National standards then this could be a runner, but as everything else it is cost dependant.

    But only if the market accepts the young trainer as credible. That depends on the person, the level of skill acquired and the nature of the training. Youth may not be an issue in IT training but could be in personnel, law , management and other areas needing the gravitas element.
    By all means quote us in the questionnaire, youth training is not the answer, providing funds to train the over 25s may well be.

    Training By Design Global Ltd
    0870 241 3998

  2. Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Learning and Development
    Hi Leslie,

    I agree with your sentiments, in general terms, but I would not completely dismiss this idea. Age should not be a consideration here, but experience and exposure. This programme could be achieved within a well conceived framework.

    I would be happy to assist you with your questionnaire and even happier to put my name to it! However, as there is insufficient space here, and I would like to see the questionnaire prior to adding any comments, would you send me a soft copy please?

    This would also be an excellent issue for debate at TrainingZONE!

    Kind regards,


  3. Advanced Modern Apprenticeships
    Thank you Susan and Clive for your comments – I shall certainly be passing them along to EmpNTO along with any others received from this forum and elsewhere. MORE, MORE, MORE please!

  4. Future Trainers, Future Learners
    My thinking would be that a solid grounding in the world of learning, adult development, the role of training in business and the politics of corporate HR would be a fantastic basis for future managers of learning.

    I firmly believe the future focus should be on what makes for good learning rather than good training since the latter pre-supposes the delivery method(s) and adopts something of an expert perspective. This would probably mean that you do have to be older, more experienced, wise etc..

    If, as seems likely at times,
    (a) people are to take more responsibility for their learning
    (b) technology is to play a significant role
    (c)learning becomes more of a “pull” than a “push” method in knowledge management terms

    then the future managers of learning will need to focus on those dimensions.

    The problem of cognitive apprenticeship though is that it may assume that, like craft apprentices, learning will be by observing and replicating the master practitioner’s skills – however outdated they may now be. “Now, my boy, this is how you write on acetates for an Overhead Projector….”

    Happy to be quoted and/or shouted at

    Clive Hook at Clearworth
    Serious, passionate and opinionated about learning


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