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Advice on Psychometric Testing and NLP!


Hi! I am a Training Manager (newly-appointed!) and need to become qualified in Psychometric Testing (level A+B). I have started enquiries and, as usual, have become more confused. There is a wide variety of pricing and timings on the length of courses (one can seem to deliver in 5 days what others take two weeks - the 5 days one's brochure sounds/looks much better!?) Please let me know where a reasonably priced and reputable course might be and any other info.? Also do you know of any courses teaching NLP in relation to sales? Much obliged.

Russell Harvey

3 Responses

  1. NLP Certificated Training
    Dear Russell

    I can’t help you with psychometric tests; I’ve never looked into them because they are such a disciminatory tool for such a complicated animal!

    However, for NLP, I recommend only 3 places (and I’m recommending them in order of preference). None of these are targeted directly at sales, but you use what you learn on a practitioner programme for improving sales:
    1. Centre NLP – contact Jo Cooper or Peter Seal tel: 0116-287-3356. I did my practitioner and master practitioner with them (before going on to train with Bandler and John LaValle in the USA). Jo and Peter are master trainers and exceedingly good at what they do.
    2. The Thorpe Institute. This is actually a neighbour of mine and he is of the Tad James school of NLP (there are various strains that stem from the original founders of NLP – I decided to get close to the source which is why I trained with Centre NLP). He is a lovely, enthusiastic chap and the setting for the trainigs are glorious. It’s a bit expensive though. Contact Hugh Lillingston on 07973-285-589.
    3. PPD Personal Development. They are really excellent at Master Practitioner level (I keep promising myself I’m going to do master prac again with them). They bring in the “big guns” from all over the world, and you would be pretty much guaranteed on a master prac programme to train with Robert Dilts who is a wonderful guy. You can find out more about them at

    Hope this is useful, and good luck

  2. psychometric testing
    You’re quite right it is very confusing. I’m a chartered psychologist and a verified assessor for Level A and B training. If you would like to ring or email me I would be happy to have a chat and give you independent advice ([email protected] 01403 753 474).

    Catherine, what do you mean by “discrimanatory”? Psychometrics are designed to dicriminate in the domain they examine if they didn’t they wouldn’t be useful! If you mean discriminate in the sense of unfairly (i.e. selection) then that’s a sweeping statement which needs challenging.

  3. Level A+B Training Courses
    Dear Russell
    it will really depend on what you wish to achieve in your training. I chose the courses with a view to the instruments I wished to use e.g. OPP for Level B because I wanted to use MBTI for development purposes. The British Psychological Society should supply you with a list of trainers etc. In my experiences, courses are generally about 5 days with some field work to take away with you and submit to fully qualify. I’ve also found that all the mainstream courses are about the same price. For example, Level A with OPP is £1400 for a 3 day workshop + £2150 for Level B (5+1 days) (I’m not on their payroll, I just like the training they do!). There are also plenty of independent psychologists who aren’t in the market of pushing a particular instrument. It will also depend on how far you want to travel for a course. Sorry, but no NLP experience. Good luck.


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