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Airport training team


Hi All

New to forum, so please be gentle!!!

i have a 15 minute presentation NOT PPT flipchart/handout/whiteboard on the topic of "Highlight the priorities and challanges for an airport operational training team", and "I will support the team in achieving these by"

i come from a Major international express company, and a trainer in Aviation Cargo security but due to redundancy i have the opportunity to join a large airport training team,  Cargo and Passenger differ greatly, so i guess im asking two questions here "do you know the Prioritise (i guess its the Legislative and regulatry (Dft & CAA) and how best to achieve maximum impact, do you think a breakdown of 5 minute to highlight the challanges etc 7 minutes for me to sell myself on how i will support the team and 3 minutes for Questions.

My presentation is next week (February 27th

many thanks in advance


5 Responses

  1. De ja Vu?

    Hi Steve

    I’ve got a feeling I’ve seen this questiion before?

    So your challenge is…"Highlight the priorities and challanges for an airport operational training team", and "I will support the team in achieving these by"

    Your mission is to show them you understand the consequences of failure and you know how to mitigate risk.

    • As an opener I would look at the consequences of getting it wrong…ie some sort of disaster photo?

    And this is what you will do to make sure it doesn’t…

    • 2 flipcharts with Priorities on one and Challenges on the other
    • On each flipchart work through What, Where, Why, How, When. Look at different perspectives of what it means to Airport Managers, Passengers, Trainers etc (What are the priorities, Who do they affect, Why do they matter etc)
    • Summarise the Priorities and Challenges you will face
    • Finish with your picture you had at the start and refer back to the flipcharts with your answers. Closing statement…"I hope I have demonstrated blah blah and have shown that  blah blah blah
    • Sorry not easy explaining by typing…most important is to have very small specific chunks (w,w,w,h,w) and a clear beginning and ending showing consequences of failure and how you will make sure it all works well.


    Good luck…if all else fails do the Shark Attack game 😉



  2. Consistant

    Well at least Im consistent 🙂 Probably not a good idea to follow my advice if you didn’t get the job last time 🙁

    Theres only one thing for it…Shark Attack!

  3. airport





    spooky, but previous question aren’t mine or previous Steve is not me, but thanks for the re-direction, hopefully the original Steve will also read and give me the answers, lol


    i do like the"Elephant Child" scenario from R Kipling WWWWWH.


    Cheers All.

  4. We believe you

    We believe you Steve…just hope the people who interview don’t think you copied off the last fella 😉

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