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Americanisation of Training Zone


This is a British site, staffed by British staff - so why is the date (directly above) in an American format? Year Month Date, rather than Date, Month Year?

Next you'll be telling me I should have spelt Americanisation with a zee!

12 Responses

  1. Americanization of TZ


    Your pozting made me laugh. I worked for a UZ firm for 6 yearz and unfortunately their love of the letter Z iz pronounced. Kinda cute in a way zince the Britz hardly ever uze the letter. Happy new year to you

  2. Systems and all that

    Hi Juliet

    The system is designed this way, we have no control over it – and yes, we are British, well half Irish and half Welsh to be precise, with a dash of Scots for good measure. Do let me know if you spot an unsightly ‘z’ masquerading as an ‘s’ and I shall correct it at once!


  3. Zzzzzzzzs

    Now, I wonder if I should be participating on TZ as I live in France but work in the UK? Mais, je continuerai. Je ne suis pas un imbécile.


  4. ise or ize?

    It’s a common misconception that ‘ize’ is the US variant – in fact, we used it in the UK probably long before the Americans did.  It comes from the Greek root of the words.  It’s really only relatively recently that we’ve opted for ‘ise’.  There are however some words that are always ‘ise’ because they don’t come from the Greek.  If anyone is interested, there’s a handy summary at

    As with all writing though, it’s about writing for your readers.  If your audience are likely to think that ‘ize’ is an Americanisation and that you are therefore ignorant of proper English spellings, you’re best sticking with ‘ise’!


  5. Date formats

    Hi Juliet

    The strange thing is that when you go into Any Answers and look at the first page, the dates are all in the US format, but when you go into any of the questions all the dates are in the UK format. Odd!


  6. Let’s clear this up

    American date format: mm/dd/yyyy

    UK date format: dd/mm/yyyy

    Any Answers date format: yyyy/mm/dd

    We are non conformists here! And anyway, in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? Our community comes from all over the world, not just the UK, as Jim himself commented, so this way, everyone’s happy ūüėČ


  7. “Z” v “S”

    As a Brit living and working in the US I still get the two mixed up.  However, it’s quite surprising the number of Americans who assume that I have spelt things incorrectly when I use an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’ or slip into my roots and put a ‘u’ in color or labor.  Many average Americans are unaware that things are spelt a little differently in, dare I say it, "real English"!

  8. Does it matter

    To coin an Americanism….errrr yeah? When you do a search for archived articles and you come up with a date reading

    01/07/2009   can you tell if thats June or January?

  9. Normality is restored

    We have ‘corrected’ the date order now, it is now dd/mm/yyyy across the board folks!

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