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Animated discussions….what’s your experience?


Hi there

I was wondering if anyone has experience of the use of Animations in their sessions, specifically an induction audience.

If you have I would love to know:

1/  How effective you found them in getting your message over.

2/ Was there a particular age group they landed well with?

3/ Did you find an optimum time they should run for? i.e. what would you say was 'long enough' before people would lose interest.

and lastly

4/ What feedback have you had from your audience specifically on the animations you have used.

Any other thoughts or experiences you have please do share.

Many thanks


5 Responses

  1. Animations

    Hi Mark

    I have no personal experience of this but my thoughts for what they are worth..

    What happens in your current sessions to make you think animations are the solution to your problems?

    If your goal is to bring your inductions to life animations are a very time consuming and costly solution?

    Not sure if you have seen this Daniel Pink video but it's at the top end of what animations can do.

    If you want to learn how to animate yourself run really good courses.


    Good luck



  2. Powtoons

    Hi Mark, we have used powtoons to develop animated content.  Simialrly, we have filmed 'live action' videos using our own people and situations that are real to the organisation that I work in.

    I would say that it is imporatnt to understand why you want to make these videos – for us, it's because we are moving towards the 70/20/10 model so we are moving away from lots of 'classroom' sessions.  The videos we have produced are then available on an informal social learning platform (kind of an internal youtube) so they are available anytime and when it's conveneient for the individual to use them.  The platform is also downloadable as an app so people can view content on their own decices.

    In terms of powtoons I would say that I am in no way shape or form tech savvy and I produced my first animation( lasting about a minute) in about half a day.  Once I knew what i was doing, I made my second 1 minute animation in just over a hour. I think if you are the sort pf person who uses tech regularly and is more in tune with it you would be producing animations much quicker than that.

    Be aware though that if you opt for a free powtoons account you have to publish the animations somewhere public like youtube so if you had confidential information to impart, it may not be the best outlet for it.  If you went for a business licence you could publsih it on a suitable internal platform.

    In terms of the ideal legth of time, we had some professional input into developing our own videos and 4-5 minutes is the optimum time for maximum imapct.

    In my experience the age thing hasn't been an issue the success or not has been based on how keen the individual is on things like social networking and use of things like youtube.  People of a senior age have taken to watching the videos if they are used to using youtube and other digital media.

    Hope that helps

  3. sorry forgot to say…

    Hi Mark, you can view my first ttempt at an animation on youtube.  I did it with a free account and with very little knowledge of tech. Here it is :

    Not sure if this link is working so search youtube for Clive Boorman 05 tips about engagement.

  4. Animations

    Sorry I took "Animations" as drawing animation rather than animation animation! have some great ready made content…

    …if you want to call in the professionals rather than make animations yourself I can highly recommend who can produce amazing short animated videos.

    I have tried PowToon but the results were not very good but that was much more likely my problem rather than the software.

  5. whiteboard animation

    Hi Mark

    I've used several whiteboard animations with groups ranging in age from c30 to c60…..they go down well, in that they have a great voiceover and the drawing nature of the visual tends to keep people glued to them. They simply drop into the PowerPoint so they are very easy to deliver

    Generally I keep them down to about 3 minutes but have several of them, so each one has a small number of learning messages.

    I make them myself, you can see similar examples on YouTube if you look for rus slater

    I hope this helps


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Mark Anderson

Business Support Consultant

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