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On this site you have the capacity to use a pseudonym....or to use your real name.

You can show an avatar or remain unrecognised.

You can have a profile or you can 'hide' your history and situation.

Why don't people complete a profile? I often want to see what someone does and for whom before answering their question or offering an opinion, only to meet a complete wall of metaphorical silence.

Might people get more ansers if they appear more open about themselves?

Rus Slater

9 Responses

  1. I have a question?

    I agree Russ but also have a question…

    As a self employed person and a regular (probably the most regular) contributor to this forum have you ever been offered work as a result of one of your posts?

    I think reading forum posts is a great way to find Trainers so definetely worth putting a little CV with your picture.

  2. Stroking Aida


    Yes, I have a had a couple of bits of paying work as a result of my presence on this forum.  I’ve also had a considerable number of people who have come to me and asked if I’d do them a favour and provide some free coaching or advice or support and I’ve never turned anyone away.  I hope that my contributions are noticed and appreciated and certainly I have frequently found that people I don’t know, know of me, which has never yet (to my knowledge) been detrimental.

    Rather than posting a CV in my profile I provide a link to my website; you can download a CV from the home page.

    Thanks for the comment Steve


  3. I plead guilty

    Hi Rus, quite simply I haven’t got around to putting something together, will add to the To Do list ….  🙂

  4. nice one Clare, but……

    …the accusation wasn’t "aimed" at you!

    it’ll be nice to put a face to the name, though



  5. Anonymity response

     Hi Russ

    Simple answer for me, it keeps unwanted sales calls down.  I get around 20 unsolicited sales called a day.  Each supplier just wanting a few minutes of my time to discuss our "business needs".   Even a polite thanks but no thanks takes time. Would love to chat but I have a day job, and yes in this day and age people do track you down from discussion isites and forums.

    Happy to offer opinions to those posting pictures, full personal details or like me wanting to retain an degree of .




  6. Glass half full

    Ah but isn’t "20 calls a day" a bit like "I’m always gettting pestered by PPI calls and texts" when in fact I’ve probably had 10 in 6 months?

    Being called by Sales people or anyone else really isnt such a bad thing and an unwanted call takes less than 3 seconds to extinguish.

    Who knows one of those calls might have something good to offer?

    I speak as a glass half full sort of person who used to be in Sales and could have worked wonders for many of the people who put the phone down too quick.

  7. Anonymity why?

     No it really is a case of of 20 plus calls a day.  Feel free to come and field them anytime you like, you never know one of them may be able to do wonders for you!  Personally I’ll pass.

  8. ok but
    I”ll open it up to the forum. How many people get 5000 unwanted calls a year?
    I am guessing buyers for high st chains, global brands and supermarkets get much more than this but training business????

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Rus Slater


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