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Any ideas foir running a basic numeracy course


I need ideas or good websites where i can find good material for running a basic numeracy course
claire Halstead

7 Responses

  1. LearnDirect
    I’m not sure the size and composition of the target audience, but had you considered delivering this sort of training (and the writing skills you mention elsewhere) through e-learning?

    In pacticular, in the areas of numeracy and writing skills, the offerings from learndirect spring to mind. They offer many courses in these areas…seach under both Word and Number Skills and General Business and Management Skills at

    Hope this helps.

  2. Resources
    Given the number of queries that appear regularly on these pages for very basic resources to do the job, could Training Zone consider a resource link page to avoid the repetition?

    A good resource for this area and written communications asked for later at basic level is

    However all basic skills trainers would know this as they are all registered on the mailing list from DFEE and sent sample packs of their resources.

    The training in basic literacy and numeracy is a highly skilled area and a lot of trainers imagine that because the subject is basic that any trainer can be used providing they have the personal skill. This is not the case.

    It worries me and other training organisations that this site has a number of members who appear here asking for basic tools to do jobs they are undertaking as part of either freelancing or in-house facilities. It seems a case of I have been asked to deliver a course, where can I get the material from?

    The learning curve appears to be equally shared by trainer and student and raises significant doubts about quality. Not only of materials which are not developed but grabbed from any supply available, but also of experience for those who study in this way.

    Training By Design Global Ltd
    0870 241 3998

  3. responding to Susan
    I am responding to susans lenghty comment to which I was not amused. Is it a crime to come on this site and ask a basic question. Instead you get criticised. To put you straight I have been training for 3 years and already have an existing basic numeracy and written communications course in place. All I was asking for is some ideas to maybe make it more interesting.

  4. ‘Not amused’
    Dear Claire,

    Firstly your question asks for ‘good material for running a basic course’ and therefore does not appear as a request for enhancements.The questions reads as someone doing this for the first time.

    This question coupled with your other 2 requests for material posted on the same day adds to that impression.

    Similar requests have been made in the past on this site and already answered at length by many of us. It seems sensible to suggest to Training Zone that a resource page might be needed within the site for ease of use and to avoid duplication of questions.

    You seem to have taken my comments very personally and , for that I am sorry , you do not have to justify your experience or professionalism to anyone other than your clients. The impression left by your questions is that of someone just starting out who is desperate for any material they can obtain. The questions are all riddled with typos and that adds to the picture.

    Training By Design Global Ltd
    0870 241 3998

  5. Any Answers compliation pages

    Thanks for the suggestion. We certainly get a number of similar questions posted to the Any Answers pages throughout the year, and will look at bringing some of these together in one place over the coming months. If anyone has any questions they would particularly like to see summaries produced for, please e-mail us.

    Stephanie Phillips
    Editor, TrainingZONE

  6. contact who trains in numeracy and literacy
    try contacting a colleague of mine who runs the local Adult Learning centre in Chesham – they have many courses including a recently launched one for N & L.

    Joan Filler, Buckinghamshire Adult Learning Coordinator
    [email protected]
    +44 (01494) 778203

    best regards,



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