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Any ideas for breating life into my Tendering Course?


Hi all

I've been running a "Tendering for Success" course for the past two years for managers in the not-for-profit sector. I've revamping it and wonder if anyone hasand theme-related innovative, stimulating exercises they could share?

Many thanks,


5 Responses

  1. stimulating exercises

     Interesting question…which can apply to all training needing stimulating aspects.

    The key is making it experiential. Learning by doing…creating interaction, therefore engaging the audience.

    Easier said than done though…as the ‘activity’ has to be relevant, non-threatening (the words ‘role play’ can send fear and self doubt in to people like nothing else!) and enjoyable!

    What ever you choose be it small group discussion and present back to wider group, case study scenarios, a quiz, or simulated work based learning (that’ll be role playing then!) – the learner has to see the connection to either the behaviours required, the process or theory being taught. Failure to make that connection clear and the relevance (and impact) is lost.





  2. Network Groups
    Hi Jim

    I would suggest that you join a network group of Trainers to share ideas.

    However useful this site may be it can never replace a real meeting with real people discussing their concerns and sharing thoughts and ideas.

    It really is the only way to improve Training skills.

    Problems like the one you describe could be solved in 1 meeting and the new skills could be applied to all future courses you are involved with.

    If there is no group then start one of your own.

    Good luck


  3. Is it because…

    Tendering is a complex subject, or because procurement is complex?

    I’m more gatekeeper from the procurement side but off the top of my head I’d think about:

    • Successful/failed tender comparisons
    • Design the worst tender
    • Understanding output specification jargon activities
    • Using guest procurement speakers


  4. Comparison exercise

    Hi Jim

    I attended a similar course recently and one of the group exercises was to take 2 completed tenders for the same (fictional) project and mark them against the initial criteria. It was interesting as, at first glance one seemed to be better, but when we looked and analysed more closely the other was better. Certainly gave me food for thought.


  5. Tendering



    You have probably done this but we have assembled the cohorts around two freestanding flipcharts. Group A identifies the 10 most common mistakes, backed by the research,and the second group the top ten winning tips.Give each group a bundle of post its and get them to "pin the tail on the donkey" by scribing each idea on a separate post it,and sticking it to the flip chart

    The subsequent plenary generates wide range of exercises/trainer inout throught the day which take you into problem solving,benchmaking and case studies you can generate.It’s a good gateway

    Have a look at the link below





    QED Training

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