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Any simple exercise to demonstrate the DISC colour personalities?


I am using a brief explanation of DISC personality types to introduce sales strategies and the importance of a different approach depending on the personality type. Any fun/interesting exercises or ideas anyone has used effectively??

The group is a very diverse mix, some not at all IT lierate so I cant use any online resource with them.

Any suggestions greatfully recieved !


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  1. DISC personality types

    Hi Aisling

    I assume that your group have/will have  completed the Disc profile and will be aware of their preference personalities?  Then you could set a group task (anything will do, for example building a tower/bridge etc) and appoint 2 observers to record the individuals’ behaviours that they witness as the group performs the task.  In the debrief the observers feedback what they witnessed identifying individuals’ DISC profiles then compare with their actual profile results.  Are there differences?  How did the behaviours impact on the performance of the task helpful/otherwise etc.  Lead on to discuss on how these behaviours impact on a sales environment (buyer and vendor).

    Hope this helps


    O D Innovations

  2. DISC personalities excercise?

    Thanks Angela

    I should have stated in my question that they will not have completed an exercise or know their own profiles, I was going to use it simply as an intro to Sales ie people have different peronality types therefore your approach to different people in sales will have to be different.  Maybe I should have asked if anyone has any simple exercises to demonstrate that there are a range of different personality types…..?



  3. Chores and holidays

    Two that stuck with me from MBTI sessions – Have a line on the floor. One end "Having fun" the other end "Getting the chores done". Ask people to place themselves along the line according to what they’d do first.

    Second one – This was done after we’d found our MBTI types. All the E’s together and all the I’s together around a flipchart. The groups had to draw their dream holiday – cue chaos around one flipchart and quiet contemplation around the other.

    Or you could just tell the group that everyone is different…..

  4. DiSC Personalities

    Hi Aisling,

    I found this link to have some useful info about DiSC:

    You can use the list of personalities and then ask the group to identify common traits amongst them. Hopefully they should then fall into each of the profiles.

  5. disc personalities

    Hi! I know I'm a bit late to comment on this but your question caught my attention. Are you referring or asking for some suggestions on how to begin your training by having an activity to demonstrate that there are different personality types? If yes, I can say you want to make your session a lively one by not simply just discussing things. It will be boring if there will be no exercises. If you want to demonstrate that there are variety of personality types, you can have a look at this <a href="">disc personality test</a>. It was useful for me and I just wanted to share with you. You can look around that site and you might find other techniques that will might be useful for you as well during your next training.

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