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Appraisal training


I am preparing an analysis of the appraisal system within the company I work for. As part of this analysis, I am looking into what training is provided for managers and staff and how this could be improved. I'm looking for research/comments/personal experience regarding the benefits of providing structured training and encouraging preparation before the appraisal by both parties (as opposed to simply sticking manager and team member into a room with a few pieces of paper, which has happened in the past!). I will also be considering the consequences of not providing the appropriate support.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might help, please?

Thanks for your time.
Jo Byett

9 Responses

  1. appraisal training

    If you would like to have an informal chat about the work we are doing in this area please give me a call


    020 8901 6316

  2. Link to discipline & grievance procedures
    At a recent ACAS course I attended the importance of appraisals was highlighted as it gives the opportunity to review an individuals performance.

    Not doing this would mean no formal recording of employee issues, which could nip any potential grievance in the bud.

    Not doing this would also mean an employee not knowing they are not performing as they might be expected to and make moving to a disciplinart meeting very difficult.

    The appraisal so often becomes a chore but with the advent of the Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution)in October 2004 its importance will grow hugely.

    Training can educate managers on why it is important, how to get the most out of their staff and how matters can be made even better.

    Lastly don’t forget to educate the staff as to why the appraisals are taking place and what benefit they can derive. Many is the time I have sat in an appraisal whilst the manager conducting a meeting which was more akin to checking off a list to say it had been done. Then 6 months later the process is repeated with no value added.

  3. Respone

    I have done a fair amount of work in this area involving role plays etc and would be happy to have a chat with you and discuss.

    Ramzan – 0208 700 7109

  4. Structured training makes a positive difference

    I have just carried out workshops for both managers and staff on a new appraisal scheme being introduced. I think this does help HR in trying to put across a standard message at the start of the programme. Even though many people have used schemes in other companies it seems to go down well as a refresher. Also every company has its own unique points to make.

    Having said that over time large discrepancies in the number of targets and the amount of detail seem to appear (I am doing a review in my own company at the moment.) So some kind of refresher training may be needed? One should never assume the obvious like not sitting behind a desk!

    Having worked in companies which did both I think that some formal training can help. We also have a preparation checklist for both sides to complete which is optional but at least is a guide for the inexperienced.

    I’ve found that most training lasts about 1.5 -2 hrs max before you get into broader performance management issues.

  5. Prevents expensive mistakes, gives more productive appraisals
    Many managers, probably the majority, are anxious about conducting appraisals. This is especially true where managers expect the appraisal to be difficult and know that they have not been straight with individuals in the past. Good appraisal training helps both appraiser and appraised work together and generate productive plans for mutual improvement. If you would like some papers on the subject please e-mail me your address and I will send you a couple of summaries.

  6. Benefits from appraisal trainiing
    Whilst meeting legal requirements may be a benefit from apparaisal training I think that there are more substantial benefits to be gained from well conducted performance and development reviews by well trained managers. My research shows that the clear benefits are:
    – creater understanding of and commitment to personal and unit goals:
    – greater personal ownership of their own development and improvement plan:
    – increased morale and sense of involvement with the business.

    Happy to discuss further.

    Bernard Stewart
    [email protected]

  7. contact details
    John Pope kindly offered to send me documentation, but I couldn’t see any contact details. My email is [email protected] if this helps?

    Thanks very much to all those who have responded. I am trying to get round to contacting each of you.

    Robert Bacal – has tons of stuff on appraisal – its the best I’ve ever seen anywhere both on and offline including
    “Ten Stupid Things Managers do to screw up Appraisals”
    “Seven Stupid Things Employees do to screw up Appraisals” and “Ten Stupid Things HR Depts do to screw up Appraisals”
    Good luck

  9. Appraisal
    Hi Jo,
    I recently set up what I called an ‘intervention process’ for a call centre in Scotland. This involved a 3 stage process where Line managers were responsible for spending time with Operators analysing their strengths, statistics, short comings, telephone analysis. This was measured against business objectives and job description. Where areas of need were identified they were immediately approached by the line manager as a form of coaching/support. This followed to a review period after a set amount of time, from which improvements were recorded and continuing areas of weakness were further documented. Another review is then set up and if no success, training is implemented to tackle the specific area. This worked extremely well for the call centre, I hope it helps you, if you need any more info please get in touch. 01236 750001


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