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Appraisal Training


Can anyone help with any fun exercises or roleplays that I can include in my Appraisal Training programme. The group is made up of a Senior Team who have todate not really brought into the process and it has fallen into disarray. The organisation is trying to reignite people's interst. I have lots of roleplays and exercises but think that in this particular situation then having fun whilst learning is probably the way to go.

Of particular interest are fun exercies on: A) Why appraisals are important. B) Individual appraisal lin with team and departmental objectives. C) Setting Objectives and getting buy-in. D) Dealing with challenging issues.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.
Josephine Davies

5 Responses

  1. is training the answer
    Hi Josephine
    you say “I have lots of role plays and exercises but think that in this particular situation then having fun whilst learning is probably the way to go.
    ” NO NO NO NO NO

    If the managers are not engaged then this is not the way to go. Learning can ONLY happen when the individuals want it, trying to put sugar on a badly tasting medicine will not help. I would recommend you only train those interested, and for the others you need to instigate a change programme led from the top of the organisation. These manager must buy-in for the training to be of any value.

    Training fails when it is used as an inappropriate communication strategy – and this one screams WRONG.
    Engagement to the principles would in this case most probable be most effective one -to-one. Are these managers appraised? do they value the process – i suspect on one , if not both counts. For this to work there needs to be pressure on this population from top and bottom – not just a training course.

    Good luck situations like this are never straight forward.

  2. But fun plays a part
    Mike, I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond. I am afraid this is a case where I know my client group. The very top person has now brought into it but didn’t previously. The purpose of the fun introduction into the programme is to give them something totally unexpected on such a dry subject to lighten them up as a group and make them more receptive to getting involved and absorbing the message and then relating it to their own approach.

    I am sure you agree that in difficult situations the best way to turn people’s attitude is to use exercises that combine humour and impact.

    The previous training they had from another company was intense and textbook like and the thought of another appraisal course will produce groans and moans.

    I can assure you that the point is to ensure impact and lots of involvement and most importantly for them to enjoy the course, learn and come out of it with a different attitude towards appraisals. In order to do this, I think content is the most important and then if they can have fun whilst learning this is even better.

  3. Appraisal training
    Hi Josephine
    I’ve never attempted fun activities in senior management appraisal training, but I have found the opportunity for discussion and sharing of ideas works well, and can provide some light hearted and humourous moments.

    I’ve used a multiple choice type questionnaire worked on in groups first, and then used as the basis for a whole group discussion. Using the questionnnaire to focus discussion also provides the opportunity to bring in key learning points at relevant points (including some quick focussed activities as well).

    The questionnaire I’ve used deliberately includes some controversial points, and also provides the opportunity to emphasise what the policy requires. It also makes sure the event is focussed, which has generally been the preference of the senior managers I’ve worked with

    Give me a call or email if you’d like to chat it through.

  4. Lesley-Anne Bealey
    Thanks for the offer to help Lesley-Anne. Can’t seem to find any contact details on your profile. Could you drop me an email on [email protected] and I will contact you.

  5. Contact Details

    I am too about to do something similar and have put together my first appraisal course. I have 1 exercise which is a normal role play type one but am interested in the details that you talk about.

    I cannot find any contact details for you, can you pass me some of the information on this also? Thanks, Cheryl
    [email protected]


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