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Appraisee training exercises


Hi Folks. Can anyone help with short exercises for training (reluctant) appraisees on the benefits etc of appraisal or anything linked to it. I have one hour with some groups and two with others. I have already trained the appraisers. Thanks for your help. Brendan
brendan doyle

6 Responses

  1. I have shared your pain!
    Hi Brendan, having conducted such training for relunctant Refuse Operatives ( or Bin Men as we used to be allowed to call them! ) at 5am I fully appreciate the nature of your enquiry!

    I found that the key way to get people to “open up” was to get them to discuss (usually in small groups) their positive and negative experiences of previous appraisals and to use this to get them to build a model of a positive Appraisal experience. Hopefully you will then be able to sell back how and why the appraisal they are about to receive will comply with this model ( if not its tricky!!) please Email me if you would like to discuss

  2. I too have shared your pain
    I find with anything that you are trying to introduce to ‘reluctant people’ you need to ‘sell’ them the benefits. Explain what’s in it for them. In the case of appraisals – some benefits may be – the chance to improve existing skill set through training, a chance to maybe multiskill and move towards a different field of work that they may be interested in, a chance to let your boss know of the good work you are doing so far, a chance to share your ideas, a chance to self develop….maybe towards promotion.
    Hope this helps.

  3. why are they reluctant?
    It may help to consider why they are reluctant, and give them tools to deal with those problems.

    One thing which springs to mind is that they “don’t want to tell the boss what they really think” – and you could look at ways to do this assertively.


  4. Appraisal Training
    Also, try focusing in on the the ‘whats in it for me’ aspect. Give them ten minutes, in twos or threes, to work out what they would tell a new manager what they have achieved over the year , where they have found issues and what would they would like to do for the next period. Then you should turn theri points into benefits of an appraisal.

  5. Build Knowledge of the Process & Objectives
    Hi Brendan!

    We’ve successfully trained employees in the same processes we trained their managers… around having more effective one-on-one coaching discussions. We focussed specifically on Job Well Done and Getting Back on Track discussions and each (manager and employee) has a pocket card of key steps in each discussion. We’ve eliminated the surprises and inconsistencies.

    As a consequence employees now approach an appraisal with more confidence and are often better prepared than in the past. Some managers interestingly (obviously not ‘leaders’) felt threatened by this process believing we had ‘produced a team of 300 little auditors!’ If that has been an actual outcome, and it’s raised manager performance in appraisal sessions… then great.

    We incorporated skill practice (roll playing) into both manager and (all level of) employee workshops and it has truely had a significant impact on the value of our appraisal process in the eyes of the business and our people.

    Speed Safely!

  6. appraisee sessions
    Hi There
    I am working in this arena too. I have made up my own activity where I have small groups around the room working on creating the ‘ideal appraisal’ one group flip charts how it feels another how it looks and a third how it sounds and a fourth the ideal outcomes. They all then feedback and we talk about how hard it is for an appraiser to meet all these very varied expectations!!! We discuss taking responsibility for making your appraisal as productive as possible and becoming self-directing.

    I have found these activities really engage delegates. It becomes personal for them and sets a new mindset that this is about ‘us working for me’ during this precious appraisal time.




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