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Bad Management


I am the author of the book "Breaking the Mould".
I am writing a new Management book but I need help.

We are aware that a large proportion of the problems in industry are caused by management.
They try to impress their own ideas on the way that operations should run, they refuse to listen to ideas from the workforce or they forge blindly ahead with their own plans oblivious to the destruction they cause.

We believe that if management could see the destructive effect on their people and on their process’s that their "Good Ideas" have, then we are sure that they would think twice about what they do.

We are trying to put together a collection of stories of the worst types of management behaviour and its destructive effects.

By publishing this collection we hope to allow management to see their own behaviour in the mirror and therefore learn from the reflection.

This is where we need help.

If you have any stories of Bad Management or have heard of any please let us know at [email protected] .

At the same time let us know if you would like your name to be used or if you would prefer discretion.

Please also let us know of any other networks where we can post this invitation.

Peter A Hunter

4 Responses

  1. Leading by example

    I’m just wondering how far you’ve thought this through.

    1. What makes you so sure the managers you’re talking about DON’T already know what effect they have on their work force?

    If, as surveys in several countries have shown, up to 6% or more of managers qualify as psychopaths, and probably a lot more as narcissists, maybe we already have the answer to why this is happening.

    2. Human beings have an amazing capacity for denying inconvenient truths. How many “poor managers” do you think are going to rush out, buy your book, recognise themselves and mend their ways?

    There is published research showing that incompetent people regularly interpret their behaviour as being at least average in competence, if not above average.

    So who is really likely to be positively affected by the kind of book you are proposing? And is this really the best way to achieve the admirable results you are looking to achieve?

    Be well

  2. Bad Management Stories
    We are trying very hard to allow managers to discover a better way to manage and will embrace any strategy that helps us to be more effective.

    Are you able to share your thoughts with us or can you support our current strategy by sharing your own stories with us?

  3. Popular Topic
    Just found this new book on a similar theme:

    30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers: What Your People May Be Thinking and What You Can Do About It.

    By Bruce L. Katcher, Adam Snyder.

    ISBN: 0-8144-0915-6


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