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Benefits of a Career in Language Teaching


Are you considering becoming a teacher? It's one of the noblest callings, however, one of the most challenging, as well. A teacher is someone who affects children's lives. Moreover, a teacher shapes the minds of many. There's absolutely no question when it comes to searching for true meaning when being a teacher. You will be the one that makes a difference. It’s a job that allows you to express your creativity to the fullest, as well as a freedom to do things your way. However, it's not all peachy, naturally. Being a teacher is difficult. You'll meet all sorts of psychological profiles and will be in direct contact with a huge amount of people. A job that involves such constant focus, listening, and talking can seriously drain all your energy. The working conditions also involve a lot of stress and emotional effort. You work with people, not machines, so you cannot really eliminate emotions and compassion from the equation. So, let's take a look at some of the important reasons to actually go for it and in the field of languages.

Be inspired

Being a language teacher means you'll get to know many children and adults, as well as hear their stories. Teachers meet many kids and they come to know them. This is true for language teachers, especially, as speaking exercises often involve talking about yourself. This will develop your people skills, you'll learn to recognize different types of character and gain tremendous experience in applied psychology. Plus, no day will be ordinary for you. There certainly will be a routine in lessons, but a classroom is like a living being and it's never the same. There are always elements of surprise. It's as if you're an actor in a theatre in a play that allows a lot of improvisation. It's not always the same combination of fun, stress, satisfaction, shock, and enthusiasm, but there's always uncertainty and excitement.

Good pay

You may feel skepticism towards this paragraph, as most language teachers and teachers, in general, don't have an especially high salary. However, it all comes down to supply and demand. Ask around, travel, go online and do your research. Depending on which language you teach, salaries vary in different countries. For instance, some Asian countries don't have qualified English teachers nor many English speakers and they offer good condition for English teachers worldwide, both online and live. There are usually some demands involves, such as special certificates you must obtain in order to teach. When it comes to English, that is usually TEFL. Of course, you shouldn't be afraid to be tested. There are also language schools offering preparation courses, such as the awesome Monkey Tree TEFL course. Nevertheless, you should ask around and learn about the needs and conditions of language teaching for your language in particular. Demands for languages depend on politics, economy and many other factors, so it's very important to be informed.

Learn about cultures

Teaching a foreign language allows you to learn more about the culture of the people whose native language this is. Many lessons are concerning the history, geography, and culture of the country itself. You will encounter students who traveled to this country and will be able to learn new things every time. Moreover, if you decide to travel to a foreign country to teach your native language, you will definitely experience new things and be able to learn about how locals in this country live, their traditions and mentality. Travelling and languages are closely related, so if you are a fan, it's another reason to opt for language teaching.

All in all, this job is for brave visionaries who have higher goals ahead of them. It is for profound people who want to make a difference in the world. So, if you want to make a difference in people's lives, if you find that inspiring and rewarding, this is definitely a job for you.

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  1. The post is just awesome. I
    The post is just awesome. I agree completely that foreign languages should be taught first. I even told my son that the number 1 subject would be any foreign language! We even started contacting the research paper writing service, using for this. All so that he would not be distracted by other objects. I think it is right. Since I love a foreign language is very much appreciated.


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