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Best company orientation ever?


Hi there,

My company is looking to benchmark our Orientation program for new starters and we'd like to know what others out there are doing. At the moment we do a half day info dump/lecture - not much!

Would it be possible to get ideas or stories of the best orientation programs you have seen? And what made them so great


Debora Gallo

6 Responses

  1. Orientation/Induction – what outcomes do you want to achieve?
    Hi Deb

    Before undertaking a review, it is worth taking some time understanding what outcomes the organisaiton would like to achieve from an induction/orientation programme. It is also worth interviewing the new starters from the last 6 months (or a select few depends on numbers/job roles) and understand what you gave them they found of value, or not and what they wanted but was not included.

    Once you have that data, you can begin to develop an induction/orientation which is looking to achieve the outcomes you have identified as right for your organisation and put in place measurment practices which will tell you if you are achieving them.

    Ultimately you should be looking to adding value to the organisaiton and employees through the induction/orientation process – this will only happen if you know what both parties need.

    By all means ask what others do, but without knowing what you want to achieve, other practices may make your orientation/induction longer without achieving a ‘better’ outcome.

    If you want to discuss this further feel free to contact me – I have considerable experience revising induction/orientation programmes.

    Linda Klassen-Brown, Dip PM, FCIPD, MBA
    Business Adrenalin Limited
    [email protected]
    07796 440062

  2. Induction and the personal touch
    I have designed many induction programmes and I am happy to talk through the principles and content. However, I thought I would just share that on a personal level something that really touched me was when I moved inter-company. The day my family and I moved into our ‘temporary’ home (as a result of relocation) we received a lovely hamper and on my first day in the office there was a bouquet of flowers and a card welcoming me to the site – nice touch which achieved the ‘feel-good factor’ for me.

  3. Best orientation
    I think the best orientation I had was when I joined one of The Big 4 Accountancy firms. What made it good was that it was delivered over 4 days, covered things relevant to the whole business, the unit I was working in and me personally.

    Duncan Brodie

  4. Orientation or Induction? That is the question!
    Hello Debora,

    Let me say firstly, that I agree with Linda – you do need to identify what outcomes you are expecting from the induction / orientation programme. You can do this through survey, interviews and needs analysis.

    Secondly, in designing many such programmes, I like to distinguish between “orientation” and “induction”.

    Orientation in my definition is being made to feel comfortable with one’s new surroundings, a la Gail’s “personal touch”.

    Orientation should be the sole responsibility of local management (with perhaps some corporate policy and /or suggestions).

    Induction on the other hand, is making the new starter fully accustomed with the new organisation’s aims, values, methods of operating and ways in which key stakeholders are managed. This should be a corporate responsibility.

    Thirdly the process needs to be many dimensional. For example, some pre-reading (brief) before the person starts, partnering with a peer for investigative type exercises, face-to-face small group sessions, one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders and perhaps some online training modules. The extent of the process will depend on the outcomes you are expecting to achieve.

    Finally, my best induction was a two week group training session involving workplace simulation, case studies, syndicate exercises, personal presentations, senior manager briefings and real world visits. It was extremely effective and highly motivating.

    Trust the foregoing is useful. If you need more info, feel free to contact me.

    (PS. I belive that induction is the most important training the organisation can undertake and deserves a large portion of the training budget – after all, this is where and when people are keenest and where you will shape the way they see the organisation for many years to come).

    Kind regards

    Bob Selden,
    Author “What To Do When You Become The Boss”

  5. Thanks !
    Thank you all for the comments – there are quite a few important things mentioned that i need to consider!
    Thanks also for the personal touches stories – i think those are some of the things i am trying to get at but as was mentioned..first i need to really get to the core of what my company’s message is for new starters!
    I may touch base with some of you as the project continues !
    Thanks again for the comments and tips !


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