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Blogs/adverts, or questions?


Why is this forum turning into a blog page and not the Q&A for L&D professionals that it is meant to be?

Is it me, or am I missing something?

8 Responses

  1. not genuine posters

    Hi Adrian, I've reported a couple of posters as not being genuine as they just cut and paste random things into their posts, (vaguely related to education).  I have tried asking them questions based on their posts and don't get anything back. They have 'stock' photos as per Garry's link and they are also active on linkedin. Obviously the TZ powers haven't done anything about it or don't agree that they are not genuine posters. Not sure the purpose of them doing what they are doing.

  2. can only ignore them

    Its happening more and more in forum groups. 

    Ignore the posts that are spam and contribute on those that aren't. 

    Is it a priority for Training Zone to resolve?  Probably not 

  3. Any Answers – an open forum
    Thank you to everyone for your comments – I agree there has been a slight shift in the sort of posts appearing in Any Answers over the past fortnight.

    For the moment Any Answers is a general forum area for the site, where members can post questions, tips or discussions points related to L&D – so as long as posts are relevant to the community and do not contain spammy or self promotional content we’re going to leave them published, although as I’ve already explained to a few members, we’re very open to feedback from members regarding how they see this area of the site and how they’d like it to look in the future.

    TrainingZone will get a refresh later this year and so any comments will definitely be considered when we’re making adjustments to the site, but for the moment as long as posts meet our guidelines we’ll leave them published. Of course please continue to report any posts or users who are publishing unsuitable or spam-like content.

  4. Questions, tips or discussion points?

    Thanks Shonette.

    I politely disagree in that the advertised purpose of this forum is :

    Got a burning question that you’d like to put to the L&D community? Then post your question on our interactive forum and tap into the collective wisdom of more than 60,000 members. Before you post in Any Answers please make sure you have read and understood the site rules..

    This does not include tips or general discussion points, nor blogs.

    Any views?



  5. Custom & Practise

    My own view is that this forum has never just been about questions, since I joined 16+ years ago this part of Trainingzone has been about sharing ideas, links interesting RELATED observations. I wouldn't like it to be reduced to just questions. However, I do agree that some 'weird' postings have appeared of late but fingers crossed its just a phase.

  6. Any Answers

    Hi Garry, and Adrian.
    It's clear from your two replies that our members view and use AA in different ways. While blogs have their own place (the blogs section), Any Answers can be (and is) used for more than just asking for help in a work predicament. As Garry says it is used for sharing ideas and posting links to things interesting to trainers and other L&D people. Adrian – that synopsis of Any Answers is somewhat dated (we have 45,000 more members than that!), and I hold my hands up for not keeping the copy on every area of the site current at all times.
    To further Shonette's point about TZ's refresh, Any Answers is going to be rebranded as 'Discuss' to reflect better the wide-ranging uses of the section. Our decision to close down discussion groups in our last go around (2012) means that it is even more important that Any Answers serves multiple uses. this is not an excuse to let the quality slip, and we will try to remain vigilant against spammers and self-promoters as best we can. 
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