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Call Monitoring Form


I have to design a form to enable coaches to monitor calls taken in a small call centre. Ideally, it would be scored so that managers can monitor if improvements have/haven't been made. Has anyone got one that I could 'steal' please?
Lisa Birch

7 Responses

  1. Some help
    Hi Lisa i’m currently running something called “telephony quality monitoring” and have loads of stuff that might be of use to you. Drop me an e-mail to [email protected]

  2. Some Help
    Hi Lisa, I’m currently running something caled “telephony Quality Monitoring” and have loads of stuff that could help. We also have a Monitoring sheet that you might be able to “tweek” to fit your purpose. Drop me an e-mail so we can discuss

  3. Doing the job for them
    Lisa you are right – this is stealing. Any form and intellectual property therein usually remains the property of ones employer.

    If you ‘have to DESIGN it’ why are you asking to steal it???

    I’m all for helping people out but is it too much to ask that you put some effort in yourself?????

  4. Thank You
    Thank you for your comments Juliet, I have actually put some effort in myself and designed a basic form, I was just unsure about the scoring aspect of it. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I actually thought this site was all about everyone helping each other out and sharing. I must have been wrong!!

  5. Scoring system
    Thanks for clarifying that you only want scoring and not an actual form – I’m unsure why you didnt write that though. On that basis I am happy to help.

    I have come across many in various call centres.
    Some use verbal scoring SATISFACTORY, ABOVE, BELOW, EXCEPTIONAL etc.

    Some use numbers – the more effective ones seem to have a 1-5 system. With 3 as satisfactory.

    Dont forget to include a designation for ‘no evidence’ or ‘absence of’ which is not the same as ‘ommission.’

    Happy to help.

  6. Call Monitoring Form

    Unfortunately I can’t give you an actual form as these should be led by the call standards that you have in place but some general pointers from the many I have designed would be:

    Call Opening (as in was the standard greeting used, security procedures adhered to, customer addressed by name)

    Communication skills ( types of questions asked, demonstrated active listening, acknowledgement given, appropriate tone etc)

    Product/Procedural knowledge (was everything explained, was everything explained correctly, did the customer know what was to happen next)

    If a Sales element (did the agent offer to upsell, cross sell, explain benefits, close the sale)

    Problem resolution (was empathy used, did the agent take ownership, could the agent resolve the problem, did the agent know who to refer the problem to)

    Call Close (did the customer know what was to happen next, did the agent ask if there was anything else they could help with, was standard close used)

    These are only brief off the top off my head but I’m sure you get the gist. As to scoring I tend to suggest monitoring probably 10/12 calls or 30 minutes worth every month and marking each one with Yes, No or NA and then use a simple 4 tier rating (never 5 as the tendency is to go for the middle 3 as safe) as follows

    4 Observed on every call where applicable

    3 Observed on more than 75% of calls where applicable

    2 Observed on more than 50% of calls where applicable

    1 Observed on less than 50% of calls

    Alternatively you can use a weighting system if some elements of the call are more important than others and I’ve known some clients I have worked with who have deemed some elements so critical that the Agent/Advisor automatically gets a 1 if these are missed.

    The important thing to remember with any call monitoring sheet is to use it in a developmental way not as an assessment – agents have targets and objectives that measure performance.

    Hope this helps, if you have a form that you would like a quick critique of I am more than happy to offer some quick feedback ([email protected])



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