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Can my employer make me pay back training costs?



Just to give a summary, I am about 4 months into a training course which costs about £2k. About 1 month ago my employer gave me an agreement to sign which stated that if I leave the company during the training or 6 months after then I must pay back 60% over a period of 2 years. 

I felt I had to sign so I did, in hindsight I wished I argued it then. I am thinking of leaving, I have some advice which says that this isn't strictly enforceable as I wasn't aware that I would have to pay this back at the time. Being honest, if I knew this then I may have possibly reconsidered. 

Is this enforceable or shall I state my case when I leave?

Thanks in advance.

7 Responses

  1. Law or not law?


    I believe the company can't do anything and you can walk away without paying.

    However, if someone has just invested £2000 in you isn't there a moral obligation to stay for a little while? 

  2. Thanks


    Thanks for the response. I understand your point, unfortunately, there are some office politics in this situation. Another member of staff has had a similar amount invested in them and they haven't been made to sign an agreement.

    To me this is totally unfair and I don't I should be made to pay for something when someone in a similar position doesn't have to pay at all. 

  3. Take your point

    I take your point but it sounds more like an oversight rather than company policy that one signed and one didn't?

    In this day and age having a guaranteed job for the next two years and a company that invests in you is no bad thing…depends which way you are looking at it?

    Having all things equal in the workplace is a Utopia that doesn't exist anywhere. From where I am sitting you are very lucky! Sounds ;like your employer values you moire than the other person?


  4. standard practice

    I wholly agree with Steve, it may not be enforceable but I know many people who would jump through hoops to get 2k's worth of professional development (who don't get anything) and would feel hugely commited to their employer if they did.

    I too think you should give something back by staying (for a little while at least).

  5. Wow…


    I tend to agree o the moral obligation bit, but the company should have made the situation clear at the time of embarking on the qualification, not what looks like 3 months on.

    Many companies that do this don't enforce it, but if you have signed something, they may well have the right to do so. Having said that, I wouldn't like to be the employer in a tribunal trying to enforce this where, what might be regarded as undue pressure 3 months on, ought to be in question.




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