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Can you recommend any Management Team games and/or UK games retailers?


Is there a shop in the UK (preferably London) where I can buy training games?

Does anyone know of training games suitable for Management Team-level?


Sarah Parker

Suggestions to Comments below please

10 Responses

  1. Management Team Games
    Dear Sarah

    There are a million and one off-the-shelf games available, eg. “Ready made activities for developing your staff” Taylor & Bishop, Pitman Publishing, or The “Games Trainers Play” series by Scannell Newstorm, McGraw Hill. These are nicely laid out in terms of telling you what equipment is needed, the time taken to complete, purpose and instructions, etc.

    Can you tell there is a big “but” coming! Having designed and run scores of team events, I have found none of theses published games are ‘nutty’ enough. I find the stated objectives tend to be too vague and many are for the sole purpose of breaking the ice. In answer to this, PMSL have hunted out, tweeked and designed games of our own with specific learning objectives.

    For Management team events we focus on 5 platforms for effective team working: Purpose, Process, Communication, Trust and Co-operation. Each of these areas can be backed up by team games.

    If you would like to know more, email Maggie Mosley at [email protected] or phone 0181 870 0760.


    Maggie Mosley
    Business Psychologist

  2. Sales pitch
    I create and sell and perform all types of management game. I would like to tell you

  3. Trying to reach Maggie
    Can I reach you this way? Intrigued by your use or the word NUTTY. I might qualify.

  4. References
    Go to and click on GAIA.Similarly go to matters. com to view sites that summarise activities that are published by Gower and Echelon and are available to purchase online. Echelon also offers a free browser CD. Otherwise if you’re lost contact me for at least4 collections of activities other than published by the above.

  5. Melrose training
    Not only make videos, but also produce some good games.
    “Set The Objective” is good – looks at time management, planning,team working and prioritisation.
    Don’t know their address offhand, but you should be able to track them down – they often have roadshows where you can go and try out the games before you buy.

  6. Traiining exercises and team games
    Northgate Training produces over 60 training exercises off the shelf as well as designing customised games for clients with a special training need.

    Some of our material is in the form of business games using a computer, others look at key management skills such as teamwork, time management, communication etc. Most do not require a pc.

    As from January 1 we will have eight brand new titles.

    If you need any help or advice in choice of game whether you want one for 40 minutes or one for a full day or whether its with 12 participamts or 300 , or whether it’s got to be serious or whacky fun – we can help!!

    In the 20 years we have been developing games we have discerned more and more interest with more and more trainers realising how useful they can be in making the theory come to life. If we ever run a time management course for example, you can talk and talk and talk and everyone nods and says they do this or that or that’s a good idea and I think ” I wonder just how these people really do operate”. So we give them a simulation where they have to plan their time and suddenly the whole session comes alive and real learning takes place with lots of interaction and participation. And it’s obvious who is doing well and who needs help.

    Ideal needs analysis!!

    So keep using games everyone.

    For more info and brochure Tel 01225 339733

    Mike Lynch

  7. Games
    Having just run a development event for a team in Coca Cola, which followed previous events which had included games, your question struck a chord. There are lots of companies who produce and market games and simulations. I was going to include a list but it will simply duplicate previous messages. With regard to previewing and purchasing on a one stop basis in London, using the IPD’s library service and then ordering through one of the big book retaillers may be the answer.

    An alternnative statregy might be to contact one of the smaller training companies who specialise in experiential learning and contract them to design from first principle i.e the issues that need to be explored, the company culture and the specific learning objectives.

    This won’t be the quickest option but if you find a really good provider you are likley to get something that will deliver solid learning outcomes.

    Nigel Denning 01386 761636

  8. The Team Talk training game.
    Dear Sarah,

    Have you tried Team Talk? It’s a team development tool in boardgame format which enables managers to resolve issues such as the future of the team, what support they need, problems team members are facing. The psychology behind the game is that basically the team may well have the answers, just allow them some time to explore the issues.

    Team Talk is available from TMS Development International. You can find out more on their website –



  9. Management Game Retailers
    Hi sarah

    We are that retailer! We are agents for nearly all the products that other respondants have listed and you can view them without obligation at our premises.

    We are based in Eastcote in NW london. You can reach us by tube on the Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines.

    If you would like to contact us, we will be happy to delighted you.


    Ralph Goodson
    Partner, Progressive Training Services
    Tel 0208 866 4400
    Fax 0208 429 4121
    Email [email protected]

  10. Management Team Games
    Sarah, my company Adacel ( produce experiential simulators – games if you like, that teach users the rigours of effective job performance. We have supplied our Project Management simulator to Shell in the UK and have other products on Business Improvement, Strategic Negotiation, Coaching, Risk, Supervision and Customer Service to name but a few. All products are designed using recognised Subject experts so you’ll be getting best practice in a safe and realistic learning environment. Take a look at our Web-site and contact me via email if you’d like to take things further. Regards, Alastair


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