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Career Path Choices in Training


I graduated with a Business Degree, and a Masters in HRD & management learning. as a fresh graduate 5 years ago, knowing my interest in the development of people, I started pursuing my career in anything relevant.
I end up embarking on a trainee manager programme in a hotel, and started first as a hotel receptionist and now a trainer in their Group of 15 hotels. Now running the department, I have been training all the group employees with hotel basic training, systems both reception & conference,etc for nearly 3 years.
Now my point is, I have been working as their trainer, but I have been working ONLY based on my instincts, past experience working in other department in their company, my own research and maybe a little of knowledge from my studies. You could put it that my experience in that company is somewhat- Take it as it comes & deal with it.
Due to that I do not feel that I have maybe be trained as a professional trainer, and even though I knowI am very good in my job (from feedbacks), I realised that if I would like to pursue my career as a professional trainer, I would need to do something.
Reading on CIPD CTP, I am very interested in. But, do you think that should be my next step? Or do you think coming out and look for a job in a training provider be my next step? Where should I work with so I could actually learn lots about putting theory in practice? If not, how could I embark on a career as either a Training Provider or training consultant in other industry? Don't get me wrong, I am currently VERY much enjoying my current work, however, I felt the need to gain something for myself in terms of Knowledge & experience.
Please help!!! Any recommendations, suggestion is very Much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance
Lidya Gunawan

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    Have you considered undertaking the Diploma in Learning and Development which is delivered by The Training Foundation (TTF) as part of the TAP Learning System?

    I have completed both the Certificate in Training Practice (CTP) and the Diploma in Learning and Development (DIP LD) and this was my experience.

    The CTP was undertaken at a Further Education (FE) college over a 9-month period to fit in with the academic year. It involved one evening per week, plus homework at weekends, and trainer/lecturer quality varied considerably. I was in a group of 12, and my colleague was in a group of 19, and whilst some skills-based training was involved, a lot of the course was based on handouts and writing assignments, which did prove my actual training ability.

    The Diploma in Learning and Development was a modular course that was delivered in small groups by a full-time, qualified trainer. Courses were flexible and could be undertaken anytime. Another advantage was that it focused on the application of skills rather than just theory. During the Training Delivery Skills course I delivered a training session, which was comprehensively assessed, and I received feedback on my performance against the methodology.

    The Facilitation Skills Course was an extension of the Training Delivery Skills course, and I found it hugely beneficial to be assessed whilst dealing with challenging learners, both within the group and on an individual basis. In addition, I designed activities to meet different learning theories and these were also assessed. I was able to actively apply my learning when I got back to work.

    The Training Design and Development course was built around a Training Design and Development Process which included analysis, design and evaluation. The process and tools provided have been really useful when developing training solutions at work. During the course we planned the design of a workplace project of our choice, and after the course we submitted a project which was based on this.

    This link will take you to a page entitled ‘Building your Career’ which is about recognition of Learning and Development Skills and

    Good luck in your personal career development choices.

    Regards, Chris Norburn

  2. Spoilt for choices
    Thank you Chris for sharing your experience. It actually has been useful and a boost for me to move towards what I think is the right direction.
    Had a look at TAP, and called them and been helpful too. Going to start with their cert in Delivery skills first as have to be funding it my self..

    Hope with this, I would be able to embark on a career in a Training Organisation..!!
    Lots of luck needed..


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