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CBT Software


I am looking for software which can be used to create CBT courses with maximum interaction from user and also to be used in Marketing for rolling demostrations of our software. Can anyone recommend a package which can do both?
alison hollingworth

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  1. CBT Software

    There are a bewildering array of Authoring tools on offer that might conceivably fulfil the needs you describe. There are several issues you should bear in mind before setting out with a purchase in mind.

    Firstly, bear in mind the inevitable trade-off between power/flexibility and ease-of-use.

    Professional Authoring tools that legitimately claim to offer scope for “maximum user interaction” will be extremely complex, fully featured and very flexible.They typically require much more time and effort to learn to use than a simpler and less flexible system with pre-formatted templates.

    The reverse applies – don’t be captivated by a simple templated system that allows you to get you up and running in a few minutes by taking all the hard choices for you. Is there enough flexibility there to accommodate your ambitions? Some development teams get a long way into their first project with a new tool before discovering that they have “bottomed out” the functionality and that the tool is not up to the job.

    Secondly, don’t be seduced into thinking that Authoring Software is all you will need. An authoring tool will allow you to stitch multimedia assets together but you still need to create them in the first place! Don’t forget to budget for a high quality graphics package – ideally with some form of tablet interface, a scanner and a good quality digital still/video camera. You might also require video/audio editing software plus some form of recording device for use in the field. An animation package might be required to provide some of the interactive features you aspire to. Also – don’t forget that you will need a very high specification PC to run all this state-of-the art software!

    Thirdly, remember that all Authoring Tools use some form of metaphor to provide the user interface and this might skew the choices you make. For example Toolbook uses a Book Metaphor reassuringly familiar to former developers of text based learning resources. Macromedia Authorware uses an icon metaphor that appeals to former software developers. Macromedia Director uses a film/video inspired metaphor which appeals to former TV Professionals. Don’t select a tool simply because the metaphor appeals to you and expect your colleagues in the marketing or IT departments to feel the same.

    I have put together a list of links to some of the better known authoring tools which will assist you in addressing these choices:

    Your requirement for a rolling demo tool could be addressed using a wide range of relatively simple technologies ranging from simple Powerpoint to ScreenCam.

    My advice would be not to compromise, define the requirements separately and choose the right tool for the right job.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to get in touch if I can be of further assistance.

    Best wishes

  2. Interactive CBT Authoring
    I currently use a solution called TutorPro, a customisable Web Based training & Online Support tool. You can deploy the system over your network, intranet or the internet.

    The beauty of this product is it’s Authoring Tool, TutorAuthor, a purpose built Computer Based Authoring tool. I can generate my own training (using my own pre-existing courseware), Support & Testing & I don’t need to be a techy to be able to do it.

    I purchased the product empty of content (much cheaper) because I had already written my own. Using this courseware I can add up to 7 different interactions, screenshots & audio.

    The product, as far as I am aware is available through Quessing Ltd. My contact there is Mark McEnteggart (01908 546100).

    Good Luck,

    Andrew Vance

  3. Some options to look at
    If you want to keep the cost down and have something that can be used for both interactive training and rolling demos you could have a look at Opus pro It’s a presentation tool that allows for loads of interactions or timed events, voice, video etc(the usual suspects!). It’s really quite easy to use as it’s all dialog box driven. The good thing from a marketing perspective is that anything you produce is royalty free so you can distribute it on CD or on your website and you don’t have to pay a licence fee. I could be wrong but I think TutorAuthor is a “bums on seats” licence arrangement. If you want to get more powerful but have a much bigger learning curve then take a look at the macromedia products.

    Happy to discuss further or mail you an example of what I have done.


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