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Changing thought processes to enhance processes and add value…



I am working with a Risk Management team on a number issues but am specifically looking for any recommendations of a company that can provide the above. Over time, processes have changed very little in this area and a "we have always doen it that way" culture has developed. The Director of the area would like to 'shake things up a little bit' and encourage the teams to look at the way that they carry out their roles and challenege and change processes to ensure that they are adding the maximum amount of valuie to clients.

I have some ideas myself but am sure that there must be companies / consultants that specialise in this area and would welcome any recommendations.



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  1. Changing culture

    Hi Chris, this is an area I work with all the time in my current role and with many organisations when I was a consultant. I am happy to share some processes and techniques with you for you to manage if this is of interest.





  2. I can help


    I’ve done this with client companies on a range of processes from manufacturing to financial services….I also wrote a topic on it at!  Have a look (you can get a free trial) or…

    If you want to talk offline get in touch on rusdotslateratskydotcom


  3. Changing Thought Processes

     Hi Chris

    This is my favourite training area, despite the fact I spend most of my life running projects or training in project management. My former life was 6 years in spinal cord injury rehab where I learned hugely effective methods from the school of cognitive psychology. I can pass you references from the likes of Goldman Sachs, UBS, Astra Zeneca and a number of Public bodies who will attest to the efficacy of the rehab model applied to business people and problems.

    Feel free to drop me a line at for a chat



  4. Taking an Entrepreneurial Approach

    Taking an entrepreneurial approach might be an interesting angle.  Using the definition of entrepreneur as ‘someone who creates significant value often starting with almost nothing’, I’ve worked alongside Professor David Hall in looking at the behaviours and thought processes adopted by successful entrepreneurs.  We have run workshops, which have included participants doing a questionnaire that describes their entrepreneurial potential (which helps them to understand how and why they act like an entrepreneur – or not) and then led the group through a process that mirrors how successful entrepreneurs create high value solutions.  I can send you more stuff (e.g. sample psychometric profile, outline workshop) if this sounds like a possible approach. 

  5. Changing Thought Processes

    Hi Chris :  This is an area that one of my colleagues, a business psychologist, has specialised in, and regularly facilitates activities to change mindsets.  He has also written a book on the subject "IFRAME : A Manager’s Guide to Critically Balanced Thinking" – .  If you would like to discuss your challenge with him he will be happy to respond – .

    Good luck !  Paula

  6. changing patterns

    Hi Chris,

    I can recommend Mihaela Reese who works as a systemic team-coach. She has a solid track record in challenging old patterns and obtaining outstanding results with groups, teams, departments and even organisations! She has worked with clients from all over Europe and the USA.

    Feel free to contact her directly at or I can first send you her biography (drop me a line at

    Kind regards,


  7. Recommendation

    Hi Chris

    I would recommend Julian Hammond of TIPS for Good Management. To declare my interest, I have known Julian nearly 10 years and worked with him as a training provider when I was a Learning and Development Manager for much of this time. Since going independent myself in 2009 we have continued to work together. Julian delivered process improvement and change sessions for and with me as part of management development programme and also as part of business improvement activities. Julian has worked with all levels of employee and is able to challenge thinking and processes appropriately and very effectively. The process improvement results achieved were documented and impressive.

    His website is

    Tel: 01362 699392

    Many thanks


  8. Might ‘Who Moved my Cheese’ be relevant?

    Hi Chris

    it may be of help to consider if our ‘Who Moved my Cheese’ workshops and programmes might be helpful to get people ready for change, to understand their role in making change happen and to actually work through the change process by applying it to the change you wish to achieve.

    Why not take a look at our website ( and let us know if our skills might be helpful.

  9. I get quantifiable values back many times the costs


    For some years I have used a very straightforward approach to this that has prompted sometimes genuinely astonishing and always verifiable financial returns.

    I am no fan of the Return on Investment models and equations that often make very peculiar claims without foundation or real consideration of the true variables that drive real value over cost.

    Just two examples of my own practice: in a local authority, a team leader programme has returned well in excess of £300,000 annualised, and in a health trust two learners will implement projects worth in excess of £33,000.

    In these times we must do all we can to credibly deliver real value – if my experiences are of interest I will be happy to explain further offline.

    Andrew Gibbons

    07904  201 474

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Chris Delgaty


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