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Classroom to blended learning


I am looking to redesign 5 funeral based training modules.

At the moment they are all classroom based, with very old school style exercises.

My task is to try to reduce the amount of classroom content, and look at more on the job/blended learning. 

Obviously the subject matter is difficult, any advice or tips welcome!


5 Responses

  1. Chunks

    Hi Sheryl

    You need to determine exactly what needs to be learned and to what standards and produce a training needs document.

    Break it down into the smallest chunks possible ie your 5 existing modules. Then break these down into smaller chunks, then break these down into even smaller chunks…this will give you..

    5 X Module/Unit…

    Each unit has 10 or more elements

    Each element has defined performance criteria (the steps needed to perform the element to the required standard)

    Each learner will then have a working portfolio which they can complete as an when necessary over a period of time in the workplace and through any learning interventions you set up.

    The main thing is the training document and written standards then you can decide what is the most appropriate methods to teach each part. 

  2. Appreciate the sensitivity…….

    .. but could you give more information i.e. who is it aimed at (Funeral Directots for example)?  And what are the subjects it covers?

    IThis may have an impact on the media used.  So another question would be; is it something you could recreate in video form and have some e-learning built around it? Hope this isn't too nosey but it may have an impact and enable posters to give you better responses.

  3. Hi Clive,

    Hi Clive,

    Thanks for your response.

    The modules are aimed at new funeral operatives.

    It covers all aspects of the funeral cycle, from planning the funeral, to the day itself, masonry, caring for the deceased and funeral plans.

    Unsure if could use e learning as unsure of technology availability.


  4. Hi Steve,

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I don't have the required level of detail to do this, I just have the existing content but am no expert. I am working in a different part of the business, which does add its challenges!

  5. That’s challenging….

    Sounds like you have quite a challemge on your hands.  If you want to go down the blended learning route, first ask yourself the purpose of doing it.  Is it to save money on travelling expenses (if people usually travel to attend the classroom sessions)?.  Is it to deliver content in a more modern way?  if so is that what your learners would like, have you done any research? I would say there has to be a clear benefit to doing this.

    That said you may have to spend to get this moving.  If you don't have the expertise yourself, you may need to buy it in or see if you or a colleague could get the budget to upskill to be able to do it yourself.

    I attended a course on developing e-learning content some years ago that was run through a local college and it was fairly inexpensive.  The course was about soryboarding and structuring the e-learning (all of the things Steve talks about above; structure how to make the learning work).  What it didn't do was give me the skills to author e-learning using appropriate tools i.e. 'build' the course.  Someone else within the org did the course for that.

    Not sure OF your work set-up but if you work within an organisation that has a few employees you might have people with the skills already so it may be worth doing a bit of digging around.  I do think though that you may have to put a bit of money into this to get the skills to do what you want or it may not be as effective as you would like. That then comes back to really considering the reason to do this.  It's the old cost/benefit approach.  You never know some benevolent person might be reading this and offer some help.  Good luck

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Sheryl Allcock

Project Trainer

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