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Coaching related ice-breakers


Does anyone have any good short-medium length coaching related ice-breakers which are to be used on a 4 hr workshop to develp delegate coaching skills?

Many thanks
Craig Robertson

One Response

  1. Coaching exercise

    + Ask delegates to write down on a piece of paper a challenge, issue, problem, positive situation they have received feedback on in the past, either perosonally or in a team situation i.e. Agent has been consistenly late for a week, Team Leader has to conduct a coaching session to find out why, areas the business may be able to lend support with i.e. changing shift patterns for a week to accomodate dropping kids at school and so on.

    + Ask them to fold their pieces of paper and drop them into a box/bin.

    + Each delegate then pulls out a pice of paper with a coaching situation on it.

    + SPlit group into 3’s and ask them to nomiate a Coach, Coachee and an observer (you may want to give them an observer sheet with basic headers on such as What went well, types of questions asked, body language and so on)

    + Give the obeservers a short brief of what they should be looking for (linking it to you’re training session) i.e. Open questions, clarifying, summarising, empathy, uncovering concerns, +-+ and so on.

    + Ask the Coach and Coachee to role-play the first scenario they have, whilst the observer makes notes.

    + Gather feedback from the observer, ensuring they feedback in the ‘Coaching’ Style, then ask the group to change roles, so the Coach becomes the Coachee, until everyone has completed the role-play

    + This exercise also works well as one large group, with two people at the front role-playing, and the rest of the group observing – I have also included a Time Out where anyone in the group can shout time-out and the Coachee is asked to leave the room and the audience feedback to the coach on how they are doing, questions to ask and so on.

    I then run a general wash-up of how the exercise went, and gather feedback from the group.

    You could also include a ‘How not to coach’ scenario where you brief the Coach to be obnoxious, defensive, rude and so on. Asking the group to pick up on the areas that should not happen/take place in a coaching scenario.

    If you would like any further help or support please contact me directly, or if the above makes no sense at all!

    Buffy Sparks


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