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Collective Noun for Trainers


All decent professions have loads of Jargon and stuff to exclude those outside of their occupation. Of course all good trainers should cut through this with a big sword and tell it as it is. (... mmm how did NLP squeeze itself into our little world?)

For a good bit of fun I thought we could come up with:
1. A collective noun for trainers
2. A really good sound bite or proverb (as it used to be called)
3. An example of buls**t that you have come across (from any profession)

If you can't do all 3, just contribute what you want. My three are ~~
1. Gaggle of Trainers
2. A course is only a good as it's intro.
3 As we move into the third millenium we must move our synergies to the bottom line.

Have fun people.

Neil Hodges

6 Responses

  1. My attempt
    1. A learning of trainers
    2. If you don’t TNA, then you can’t play
    3. A fusion of proactive strategies that will deliver measurable results for not just today but for the future

  2. Obviously never heard of the KISS principle
    Hi Neil

    Found this piece of wisdom in some training notes I inherited as a definition of influencing (I decided not to use it!)

    “The ability to convince others to a course of action through an application of understanding of the politics of the situation, building a strong and assertive case and making an impact.”

  3. Collective Noun

    A “Jargon” of Trainers?

    You do know that you will probably score 100 posts with this one! Well done!

    A “post-it” of Trainers


  4. Hmmm
    Right! Lets have a stab

    1. A pubful (pub full) of trainers
    2. I’m not here to judge, I’m here to help
    3. Let’s bang the drum to increase the synergies of our toolbelts companywide (I didn’t understand what it meant either!)

    I think we may be onto something here!

    Nice one


  5. Great Thread!
    A noise of trainers
    (so called because when I took my team out for a meal we were “told off” for being so noisy!)

    No Facilitation No Gain

  6. Collective noun for trainers
    A tyranny of trainers
    flipping charts can damage your health
    reducing four letter words to **** comes close


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