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Colour schemes for learning centres


I'm looking for any information on links between colour and retention/learning in a training environment. In particular what colour to paint the walls of a learning centre
Lucie Booker

4 Responses

  1. Orange!
    Dear Lucie

    According to feng shui, Orange stimulates the brain and improves learning, thinking and conversation (hence our orange dining room – the room used for home work and big conversations.)

    There is also a web site filled with articles and reports on learning environments:
    Most probably won’t be relevant, we had our home feng shui’d and asked the specialist. Unfortunately our boss isn’t brave enough to go orange. PMSL uses toys during training to stimualte learning (left brain / right brain etc.)

    Be brave – go orange


  2. The five senses
    The use of the five senses is also a good concept to follow. Toys for touch, oil burners for smell, sweets for taste and colour and bright flipcharts for sight.

    Colourful flip charts with relevant ‘quotes’ on that are relevant to the programme you are running are useful and the primary colours in particular are supposed to stimulate visually.

    Pale green and the smell of apples is very calming – good for stress management.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Colours for a Learning Centre
    it depends on whether your learning centre is to be used in a group interaction manner (like a classroom) or whether its for self-study, and what sort of mental state you want to elicit, as to what would work best. Orange would certainly stimulate conversation, but for self-study using CBT that may not be what you want. I have been doing extensive research into exactly this very subject, so would be glad to talk over the issues with you. I do endorse the comments about stimulating the senses, and the use of kinaesthetic toys and fragrances (but there might be safety reasons why a burner might be best avoided).
    Contact me if you would like to know more.

  4. go mint green !!
    Having attended, and run many courses I have found ” mint green ” a stimulating and calming colour, I also agree with the aroma of “apple” as mentioned by ceri-anne having used this myself many times.this was also confirmed by another trainer who ” sat in on one of my lessons” and commented on the relaxed feeling, and stated that she would use this practice herself.Try it for yourself and see

    PS let me know how you get on, and what feedback you get if any??


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