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Communication drawing


Does anyone use a drawing activity that emphasises the need for excellent communication. I once took part in one but dont remeber much about the rules as it was so long ago.

We had to pair up with someone and one person had an image infront of them and one had a blank piece of paper and a pen. With our backs to each other one person had to discribe the image and one person had to draw the image and see how close our drawings were at the end of the session.

It could be that I have just listed all the parts of this activity but I have the feeling there is something important missing.

Does anyone remember this activity or currently use it? Can you clarify if I have missed anything out or if that is the whole activity?

Many thanks

Emma Baxter

5 Responses

  1. Drawing exercise
    You have all the key parts to the exercise. It is quite an interesting opener for those new to learning about effective communications.
    There are other versions including one where you place an image behind a screen or flipchart and one person has to go and view it, then come back and describe it so that others can draw it. This is best done with a real picture rather than a stick drawing or simple drawing of a house etc.
    I have two concerns with this type of exercise, however. Firstly, you need to be very clear about the purpose and objectives for the exercise and then tailor it accordingly. Rather too often it is just used as a vague means of saying that effective communication is important.
    Secondly, it is rather a constructed exercise that requires particular communication skills that don’t always parallel those that most need to be developed in the workplace. If you are training people in the skills of explaining complex ideas over the phone it may be more relevant than for training managers to listen to their staff.
    The key, as always, it not to start with the exercise but with the desired outcome.
    Hope this helps

  2. Thanks
    Hi Graham,
    Thanks for your speedy response.
    The exercise is indeed to be included in a phone skills course.
    I have structured this section of the course to highlight communication skills but more than anything I am aiming to raise delegates awareness of presumption and the damage it can do.
    The exercise will be followed by a lengthy de-brief to ensure that the LO’s are achieved then a second attempt at the task with a different drawing to validate the change in communication.(fingers crossed there will be some!)
    I just had a feeling I had forgotten a part of this exercise and couldn’t shake it off so thank you for the confirmation.

  3. I might be able to help
    Hi Emma, I have used this type of exercise previously and I completely agree that the objective needs identifying first. I have a copy of the exercise I use. If you would like it please drop me an email and I will be happy to share it with you.

  4. Much Appreciated
    Hi Joanne,
    I would very much appreciate your input but I dont have your email address. Where can I find it?


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