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Competency Workshop


Hi everyone,

I'm putting together a 2 day workshop - Day 1 Focusing on Competencies (what they are, benefits, what they look like etc..) Day 2 Focusing on Competency based Interviews.
Currently my organisation does not operate with Competencies, whether in job roles or interviews, and we barely complete Appraisals (which will form part of Day 1.
I have the Fenman Comptencies Activity Pack but am also looking for suggestions and help for exercises/info:/workshop ideas and any general help from you,
many thanks
Buffy Sparks

6 Responses

  1. BEI
    Quickest route might be to enter “Behavioural Event Interviews” in to Google.
    Good Luck

  2. Post It Exercise
    I introduced the concept of competencies to a group by asking them to write on a series of post it notes the kinds of behaviours they had observed in people who were really good, ok or terrible at a particular job. This started to get discussion going about what a competency is and the importance of being able to describe the behaviour you would want to see. By using post it notes we moved the descriptions around into core clusters for each level.

  3. A simple but effective exercise
    Hi Buffy,
    Here is an exercise I have used successfully in the past. It works work well with competencies and appraisals.
    It involves having a collection of Paintings A3 size. Any Art type pictures or scenes will do even photographs. These are posted around the room. When Attendies arrive pair them up and ask them to rate the pictures and post their ratings on a flip chart Score pad you have already put up. Do not elaborate on these instructions ask them to go with what they have got. This simple exercise gets people moving around and mixing early on it also highlights the need for a framework and how bias and prejudice can produce wildly differing results. You will also find that people disgagree quite a lot and this provides another learning point that in the absence of a framework it can be difficult toagree. As a variation you can give also give them a second question such as which pictures have the most sky and the widest variety of colours. This makes it easier for them to decide and you can highlight how comnptency framework helps by providing a syutematic basis for making judgements. hope this helps Mike Burney-Cumming

  4. Exercises on competencies
    Hi Buffy
    I have an exercise that gives statements and asks the Participants to rate whether they are good or bad examples of competencies. I also have a ‘Waiter Ratings’ exercise that asks Participants to rate a waiter’s behaviour in taking meal orders in a restaurant.

    Both exercises go down well as a good introduction to the idea of competencies. I am happy to email you (and any one else who would find them useful). Just let me know on
    Happy Days!

  5. thank you
    Thank you to everyone who has posted a repsonse/exercise/help, it is greatly appreciated,

  6. Competency task

    I am not sure if you want to identify competencies but if you do it is great to put everyone in a room and pretend they have arrived at work. They each have a copy of a series of e-mails and tasks they need to do in that day. They have some time to deal with whatever they choose. You can assess how they prioritise, organise time, liase with others etc. Throw in a bombshell half way through and see how they cope with pressure. A discussion can follow regarding what competencies they used / obeserved in others and which ones need improving etc.


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