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Computer Based Training


If an organisation has made a decision to add CBT to the existing training provision:
What would be the key things you would find out before making any purchases?
Catherine Thomson

7 Responses

  1. IPD Article
    People Management did a 4 page spread on the pros’s and con’s of CBT about 6 to 8 months ago. I am sure they could help you.

    Good Luck
    Mark Outhwaite

  2. Consider talking to Europe
    Trainersoft is an authoring software that you can purchase to help you design your own CBT (actually fully interactive). Not expensive, no programming needed, guaranteed to have you developing on-line, CD-ROM or network based training within 30 minutes! Contact Neil on 0800 0 28 39 48.

  3. Why use computer based training
    I have produced a Guide To The Use of Technology Based Training. A number of organisations have found it useful in helping them to decide whether or not to use CBT and if so, how to go about implementing it.

    Please email me if you would like a copy

    Marc Carpenter

  4. Computer Based Training
    Hi Catherine,
    Months of effort, thousands of pounds, blood, sweat and tears — and now you have the most fabulous online-training program your company has ever seen.

    This gleaming novelty is quivering on your company’s intranet, waiting to reveal its wonders to eager trainees.

    You can’t wait for the accolades. You’re thinking: “Come on, people! Let’s fire up those computers! Let’s enter the exciting, new world of online learning! Anyone? Please?”

    But they don’t. Or if they start, many don’t finish. You can create an online-learning masterpiece. But a fat lot of good it’s going to do if trainees don’t use it.

    About 50% don’t finish, Many trainees, just never start at all.
    You may be surprised to note that LCS Learning Labs supply technology based learning products to both the corporate and public sector in the UK were results mean more than just getting the products right, for an independant view please e-mail myself
    [email protected]

  5. My criteria for CBT
    I am not clear whether this is what the questioner is looking for but here are my criteria for evaluating Computer-based Training programmes:

    Firstly bear in mind the following:

    Will it meet the training objectives?
    Is the content what you are looking for?
    Is it aiming at your target audience?
    What about style, does it fit with your organisation?
    Is the language right, conveying the right message?

    Secondly, judging actual sample programmes, the following are some points to look at:

    Is the text a reasonable size and clear to read?
    Is the text spread out sufficiently, i.e enough space between
    Is text in different colours for different purposes, such as functions differing from instructional materials?
    Is there variety in the layout, so as not to induce boredom?
    Are there graphics to beark up text, and are they used well and consistently?
    Is there variety in the way the user moves through the programme, so that constantly using the same key does not also induce sameness and lack of concentration?

    I hope that is helpful questioner via learning wire

    Good Luck

    Julie Dorrell, Open, Flexible and Distance Learning Adviser specialising in Learning Centres

  6. The fastest, easiest way to create CBT
    I have been in discussions with the learning zone to make this available to all readers.

    We have developed over the last 8 years a development program that creates On-Line Network and Disk based training without programming knowledge. If you can use a mouse…….

    Full details on our web site

    Order and mention the learning zone for special discount.


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