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Confessions of An Irate Learner


My thanks to Karyn Romeis for turning me on to this:

7 Responses

  1. E Learning

    Geeta shares many of my own concerns with E learning.

    There seems to be examples of bad practice everywhere but despite many years of searching have never seen what I consider to be "a great e learning course"

    For any developers reading this could you share (I know you hate sharing as its always clients material)…please show us some great examples of e learning…what does really good e learning look like?

    One of the great mysteries of the 21st century… harder fto find than the Loch Ness Monster!

    Looking forward to a Friday night in the pub when someone says…"I did a really good e learning course this week"


    Some great stuff here but out of the reach of most pockets!

  2. So who actually “writes” the elearning…….

    IMHO part of the problem is that most elearning (and note I said most, not all) is actually written by people who are experts at using elearning programmes, not necessarily people who are experts at understanding learning theory/how people learning/ real instructional design.  Put one of these folk in touch with a Subject Matter Expert and all you get is an interactive version of the theory that "all you need to do to produce good training material is to dump everything you know about the subect onto powerpoint slides." 


  3. Same Same but Different


    If you go to any learning exhibition there are hundreds of E Leaning companies all telling you how different and innovative they are.

    After 5 minutes of talking to them (it has to be talk because they never show you what they do) you realise they are all the same.

    My thoughts are that e learning will be replaced by "tools" or "apps"…ie short pieces of easliy accessable info that is there to teach you what you wnat just when you need it. This already exists but give it 5 years and we will all be "Apping" all day long I recon.



  4. a bit of a shameless group plug….

    ….peoplealchemy is just about to launch an Android version and I had the good fortune as one of their many expert authors, to see it as a beta version yesterday. 

    This does pretty much exactly what you mention, Steve…it presents all the material for hundreds of management subjects in easily searchable format without the need to follow an elearning programmers prescribed path.  I was looking at it on a Samsung Mobile phone and I have to say that it really was incredibly quick and really useful even though I was out in the sticks. 


  5. Depends what you mean by e learning

    If you are refering to a rigid set of steps you go through with text on each screen and rather predictable quiz at the end then yes, very dull.

    If you mean any type of learning that is delivered electronically then what have you been looking at?

    I’m guilty of producing the former boring, I mean learning interventions but have been using much more video based learning. I still call this e learning.

    A colleague sent me this today which I thought quite interesting:


  6. Depends

    I think the problem with E learning is that it is usually designed as a "course" rather than a "tool"

    If a useful electronic tool was available where I could get my answer or instructions easily I would use it.

    Most e learning I have seen is painful to wade through and the thought of ever going back when I have finished is unthinkable.


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Garry Platt

Senior Consultant

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